Control 4 Touchscreen – Security & CCTV

What can you do with a Control4 Touchscreen? Control, monitor, access and manage your homes security from where in the world 24/7 – Real-time access and recorded footage anytime for security and quality control from your smart devices from anywhere in the world – Extensive video analytics isolate activity trends and potential threats – Outdoor perimeter protection, fence and wall sensors quickly inform you of suspicious activity – State of the art video surveillance systems that notifies you the moment a protected area is breached – Guard your home against intrusion with strategic motion sensors that monitor movement 24/7 – Lock external doors, turn lights on and activate the alarm when motion is detected and instantly receive real-time alerts – Notifications via text or email alert you of any emergencies or suspicious activity ? Did you know that we’re Victoria’s Largest Control4 Certified Dealer with a Pinnacle status? Get in touch today and we’ll show you how you can protect your castle with the right Security & CCTV Solution ?