The Delight Of A Smart Home Automation System

For New Builds, Renovations or Purchased Property Makeovers.

Smart, holistic convenience for:

  • Safety and Security
  • Comfort Adaption
  • Being Entertained
  • Being Connected
  • Simplified Living

Smart Experiences:

Smart lighting curates the ambience and personalizes comfort for any room or whole home. Transition any space, personalized for relaxation, entertaining, retiring to the master suite, or brilliant illumination for working or cleaning. For managing a large home, there’s nothing like smart lighting control.

Smart switches allow you to control any space and adapt the lighting effortlessly. Smart switch convenience extends to blind control, releasing the roller door or gates, to controlling heated towel rails, motorized skylights, sweep fans and outdoor heaters.

Smart sensors illuminate walk-through areas for automatic convenience. Ensuites and robes adapt automatically for the time of day or night, even automated late-night dimming.

When guests or deliveries arrive, with ease, receive and manage your intercom call. Then effortlessly control any secure gate or door in the moment. Have full CCTV or property lighting control at your fingertips as the situation demands. In a large secure home, a smart integrated services design provides unparalleled convenience.

Smart security zoning allows unoccupied areas to be armed when home alone or when sleeping for peace of mind. If concerning events happen, have smart CCTV at your fingertips. Quickly assess any situation.

Smart security can actively deter undesired human encroachment into your property. Your cameras alert you to human presence detection at unusual hours. If an intruder is probing the perimeter late at night or when away on holidays, smart phone alerts allow you to assess and respond before a break-in. Automated lighting provides further deterrent.

Live joyfully with smart entertainment. Enjoy beautifully custom fitted TV rooms or cinema with hidden technology. Just one remote activates your content preference, TV and sound with with effortless selection. Adapt your heating or cooling, lighting or blinds to your comfort preference from the one, smart entertainment room remote.

Experience seamless whole-home music too, discreetly fitted anywhere! Create the living and relaxing environments you desire controlled with ultimate convenience and simplicity, indoors and out.

When leaving for the day, by arming your security, your home systems, entertainment, lighting and energy-thirsty air conditioning turn off automatically. Automated blinds close for enhanced security and preserve your air-conditioned environments. You just leave! It’s never been so simple to come and go from a multi-story home or large property.

Upon arrival, ‘welcome home’ lighting greets you into the dark property, blinds activate to your day and night preferences, and heating and cooling activate ready for occupancy.

For total home control, every room and service control are conveniently available on centralized intercom touchscreens, and from the convenience of your smartphones anywhere.

SMART Design.

A mistake people make when building or renovating is they implement vital home services as an afterthought without fully understanding how one holistic design will solve the home more effectively:

  • In a far more adaptive and personalized way
  • With greater benefits
  • For unrivaled convenience.

A smart design will complement your interior and architectural design too, as so many services tie into your room aesthetic and architecture.

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