Safe and secure, effortless control, personalised for you!

The benefits of Smart Home Automation Security?

• One holistic solution
• Flexible alarm detection
• Quick CCTV convenience
• Intercom anywhere
• Keyless entry control of gates and doors
• Remote manage access for deliveries and service providers
• Deterrence through automated lighting & cameras
• Enhanced privacy with blind automation
• Unoccupied home energy efficiency
• Effortless property control & peace of mind

Home automation and security. Coming and going!

With secure gates, roller doors and front door control, your home has that first layer of protection and access convenience.

As you come and go from the property, or when moving through the grounds, keyless entry provides quick access control to your locked doors and gates.

Secure codepads, finger-scans, car devices and smartphone options give you that blend of convenience and security to your preference.


For guest arrival, or deliveries and service-provider access, an integrated intercom allows you to greet your guests, release gates and doors, turn on lights, while also having all your CCTV cameras at your fingertips. To simplify your living, this convenience is effortlessly available through your intercom screens throughout the home and via your smartphones anywhere.

When you leave the property, just by arming your security, blinds close and preventative lights can activate after dark to make the home look realistically lived in.

When arriving home at night, smart lighting provides an automatic path of light into the grounds, and home, for peace of mind.

For intruders, smart lighting provides your next line of automated deterrent and allows you to see what’s going on.


Event Detection:

Smart security allows you to monitor movement in sensor detection areas when at home viewed through your intercom touchscreens and on your smartphones anywhere when away. With the same convenience to view all your CCTV cameras, you can assess the situation and make decisions.

When at home or retiring to bed ‘area arming’ allows you to activate alarm detection in un-occupied areas increasing your personal safety.

When living in a large or multistorey home, a layered and integrated approach to your security with simplified control makes your home responsive to your day-to-day needs.

Smart Security For Energy Efficiency:

An integrated design can allow your home services to turn off automatically as you leave. The system knows the property is unoccupied and can turn off whole-home lighting, heating and cooling, entertainment systems, exhaust fans and close blinds to preserve your air-conditioned environments.

Personalised Design:

Every home-owner has their unique level of security need. Our holistic approach allows you to incorporate features most important to you and then benefit from the best home security and automation solution tailored to your home and you.

Visit Greenstar Technologies for the best home automation alarm system user experiences.

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Controlling your lights in your home is all relatively easy now with smart devices and smart devices / apps. Control your home when you’re in bed or on holidays is all easy with the right home lighting automation system that suits you and your home. GreenStar Technologies and the team at La Lounge are here to help you bring your dream smart home to life.


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