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LA Lounge Australia is a lighting design & supply company located in Sydney that specialises in high-end lighting design & DALI lighting control in Residential, Multi-Res & Commercial projects. All products are designed and engineered in Australia.

La Lounge

Established in 2009 by Glenn and Susan Stokes, LA Lounge specialises in high-end lighting design and DALI lighting control. LA Lounge was formed to combine a passion for the technical and a flair for the creative aspects of architectural lighting. As one of the first Australian companies to introduce DALI lighting control to the residential market, the LA Lounge team’s expertise as a trusted lighting designer in Melbourne is sought after by a broad spectrum of design professionals on projects in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Europe.

The team at La Lounge offers clients a sustainable, energy-efficient and personalised lighting solution like no other. Their Australian designed luminaires and lighting range compliment any architectural designed home. With 15+ years of experience carrying out lighting design in Melbourne, their team of Lighting Professionals have produced bespoke premium design outcomes for homeowners in Australia and Europe. With Cutting edge innovation and solutions which include DALI and Circadian Rhythm Lighting, they’re able to personalise indoor and outdoor living environments through integration of all the services clients rely upon and according to clients lifestyle with total simplicity – all beautifully incorporated into the interior and exterior design.


LA Lounge clients include leading interior designers and architects, award winning builders and automation companies as well as homeowners seeking to create their own stunning dream homes.

As a lighting design & supply company that specialises in high-end lighting design & DALI lighting control in Residential, Multi-Res & Commercial projects, LA Lounge is in the business of creating atmosphere and warmth through the magic of architectural lighting. Offering lighting, automation and electrical design, LA Lounge is passionate about merging the art and science of lighting, transforming a 2-dimensional plan into the 3-dimensional world. Easy to install & compatible with all home automation & dimming systems, our lighting designs in Melbourne and beyond are a go-to for trades, designers & architects.

LA Lounge has been established for over 15 years and focuses on technical aspects of creative architectural lighting. They are one of the first Australian companies that introduced DALI lighting (Circadian / Human Centric Lighting) control in residential projects. LA Lounge is based in Sydney, with projects located all across Australia and Europe. As a prominent lighting designer in Melbourne, LA Lounge has a well-established range of architectural and decorative lighting, including our confidential in-set plaster range.

In collaboration with our team at GreenStar Technologies, La Lounge has a team of Lighting Architects that are ready to help design a bespoke lighting system for you and your home. We’ll be here to help you throughout the process and liaise with all relevant parties throughout the build. We have expertise in the electrical contracting and home automation area, while the team at LA Lounge focuses on lighting engineering and design.


Australia, London, Europe

LA Lounge is now operating in London & Europe. Their most recent high-end project is soon to be launched, a 3-level Houseboat situated on the Thames near Chelsea.

Experts in Lighting Design across high-end residential & commercial projects, DALI Lighting & Circadian Lighting. LA Lounge continues to work with the top Architects & Interior Designers in Sydney, Australia.

They offer full Lighting Design, and technical services to Architects, Interior Designers, Developers, Integrators & Electricians.

How much does a custom Lighting Design cost?

In collaboration with La Lounge, our Lighting Architect partners – clients will receive a complete DALI lighting design plan. This lighting design plan will assist electrical contractors, builders, home automation companies and other 3rd party contractors to understand how to incorporate these bespoke lighting solutions without disrupting the build process. While we are an established lighting designer in Melbourne, our designs are being hailed and implemented across the globe for their stunning results.


– Design for a small project 2 bedroom house with hand-markup plans and lighting schedule
– Complete CAD DALI lighting design & Automation
– Cost: $1950 + GST

– Design for a medium project 4 bedroom house with hand-markup plans and lighting schedule
– Complete CAD DALI lighting design & Automation
– Cost: 3,200 + GST

– Design for a large / custom project 4 or more bedroom – please enquire*
– Cost: Dependent on the project requirements


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1300 331 529
Office: 2/9 Apollo Street, Warriewood NSW 2102
Showroom: 11-12b, 287 Military Road, Cremorne NSW 2090
www.lalounge.com.au / mail@lalounge.com.au

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Starting a new project but don’t know where to begin?​

Controlling your lights in your home is all relatively easy now with smart devices and smart devices / apps. Control your home when you’re in bed or on holidays is all easy with the right home lighting automation system that suits you and your home. GreenStar Technologies and the team at La Lounge are here to help you bring your dream smart home to life.


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