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Why Have Smart Lighting Control?

Smart Lighting Control allows you to adapt lighting for any occasion in a convenient way to maximise the look, feel, and comfort adaption across the home.

More broadly, smart lighting allows you to effortlessly control any room, open plan area and the whole property with ease. With ‘one-touch’ scene control, enjoy a new level of convenience for arrival, entertaining, security, energy efficiencies and leaving the property with ease.

Home Lighting Automation and adaptive lighting control are essential elements in the best interior and architectural designs.

Lighting design has evolved with a greater focus on accent lighting on décor, pools of light over activity areas for tasking, and indirect lighting that’s softer on the eye to create a greater sense of light and shade for more engaging spaces. Smart Lighting Control provides the integral simplicity to activate any space and set the ambience to your preference with the touch of a button.

Smart switches allow you to adapt any light or select your favourite ‘looks’ to the room for early evening, dining, entertaining, relaxing or retiring to bed.

And when it comes to switch décor, lighting control systems add a touch of style like no other.

Smart Lighting Simplifies Your Living!

Many homes are fitted with blinds, motorised skylights, heated towel rails and sweep fans. Smart lighting switches, more broadly, give you one point of control in any room for lighting and convenient consolidation multiple services, reducing wall clutter and the hassle of lost remotes.

When ending the day, your smart lighting control ‘Goodnight’ scene turns off the whole home and other home services with the touch of just one button. When leaving the home, just by arming the security or pressing the ‘Away’ button turns off multiple home services giving you a final lighting path with time to leave. In a large property, leaving and turning off the home has never been easier and more reassuring. 

For enhanced security, the home can automatically look lived in after dark when away.

Enjoy smart motion sensor lighting in ensuites, robes and quick walk-through areas. They provide automatic convenience and late-night dimming paths to make it easier to get back to sleep and minimise waking others.

When arriving home in the dark, a combination of sensors creates a ‘Welcome Home’ lighting path into the drive, garage and halls in a delightful way.  Visit Greenstar Technologies, Melbourne’s Design and Experience Centre to learn more about:

  • Best Home Automation Lighting Control System for you
  • Home Lights Automation for greater personalisation
  • Dynalite, Control4, KNX, Lutron, Crestron and C-Bus Lighting Services
  • Experience Smart Comfort Adaption
  • Smart décor – Dynalite, Control4, KNX, Lutron, Crestron and Control4 Light Switches


Control4’s Contemporary Lighting range is now available. Redesigned with a modern aesthetic to suit the smart homes of today.
– Lighting control elevated
– New aesthetic design
– Elegant backlit
– Customisable finishes

Philips Dynalite

Re-engage your technology in a whole new way with Philips Dynalite’s intuitive smart lighting solutions that let you seamlessly manage your lights while easily integrating other third-party smart devices. Enjoy your technology your way with a wide array of control options and instantly reap the benefits of a more comfortable, efficient and safe home.


Enhance your new construction or retrofit home project with comprehensive lighting control solutions that offer flexible control from one room to your entire property at the touch of a button.


Customise your living spaces with the perfect lighting system and intelligent keypads that can control multiple lighting loads simultaneously throughout your home. A highly robust and scalable solution, Clipsals C-Bus lighting control brings unrivaled comfort and energy efficiency to any home. Create custom lighting scenes and even integrate fans, window shades and more to transform the atmosphere with a tap.

KNX Basalte

We offer a range of expertly crafted Basalte products, including touch-sensitive switches, intelligent thermostats and motion detectors, with a minimalist design that blends perfectly into any architectural environment. Bronze, brass, brushed aluminium, glass or leather; you’re sure to find the perfect finish to complement your home or commercial decor.


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