Starting a new project but don’t know where to begin? 
When it comes to technology for your home, there are thousands of options – leave the headache to us!


Our experienced and certified Technology Designers will conduct an initial design and discovery phase for your home to help define the best technology solution for your project. Your personal Technology Designer will meticulously design a bespoke proposal that is built just for you and your home. We put in over 50-70+ hours of collaboration into each Design Proposal to ensure that it delivers an equal balance of luxury and functionality so that clients may enjoy the pinnacle of smarter living – just the way they like it.

The result is a comprehensive and detailed “Scope Of Work” for how technology will be fully integrated into the construction of your home. Revealing technology solutions without compromising your architectural interior or exterior design. Our design process save clients valuable time and money, and not to mention the headache that comes with building or renovating a new home. Your contractors would never dream of building your home without a design from the Architect, therefore you should never implement a technology system without consulting a home automation specialist.  


Inclusions in our 'Design First'

To create a partnership, this phase is all about learning and developing trust. The primary goal of the discovery phase is to fully understand your requirements and aspirations for the build, as well as identifying any potential solutions for your home. Together, we’ll discover personalised solutions that are important specifically to your lifestyle. By workshopping this concept early on, you may be able to avoid disrupting the process of your build or renovation that come from late planning. 

Your journey begins with a consultation at our fully immersive Home & Lifestyle Experience Centre in Glen Huntly VIC. There you’ll learn and experience about the most innovative and intuitive technologies on the market. You are more than welcome to bring your plans and invite your contractors for a team collaboration.


  • Complimentary consultation
  • Q&A with Certified Technology Designers
  • We offer advice, provide insight and present creative solutions exclusively for your build
  • Discover the latest range of innovative solutions on the market

After you’re satisfied with the suggested solutions for your build (that were made during the Discovery Phase), we’ll then provide a complimentary quotation for the cost of our design work and an estimated project budget for your entire build. The Design Service Phase is compulsory in order to commence any works and installation.

When you engage in our unique Design Service, our Design Consultants will provide a tailored proposal that is built exclusively just for you and your home. Architects, Landscapers, Electrical Engineers…You acquire their paid services to design a system for your home – smart technology requires the same attention.

Once you have accepted the Design Service Fee, the detailed Scope Of Work on your custom design solution begins.


  • A limited scope capturing your requirements – not a shopping list
  • An estimated high level budget overview for your entire project
  • 7% fixed fee for our Design Service – this is dependent on your overall estimated budget
    e.g. If your entire project solution is estimated to be $100,000 the design fee will be $7,000

We only proceed to the Design Proposal Phase once you have accepted our Design Service, 70% of the Design Service Fee must be paid within 3 business days and the balance on completion. You’ll receive your Design Proposal within a 4-6 week turn around, this timeframe takes into consideration the collaboration process with key partners. This deliverable will allow Builders, Architects, Interior & Landscape Designers, and other 3rd party contractors to understand how to incorporate these technology solutions without disrupting your building process.

The result is a comprehensive and detailed “Scope Of Work” for how technology will be fully integrated into the construction of your home. Revealing technology solutions without compromising your architectural interior or exterior design. Your personal Technology Designer will put in over 50-100+ hours of collaboration into each Design Proposal to ensure that it delivers an equal balance of luxury and functionality.


  • A comprehensive Scope Of Work / fully functional brief 
  • Budget – total solution price
  • Marked floor plans and supplementary electrical notations
  • Product details and costing by service types
  • Wiring schedules and schematics for the Electrician
  • Notations for 3rd party integration – e.g. Heating & cooling providers, pool & spa technicians, blinds & curtain companies, landscapers
  • Smart Wiring (non-electrical structured wiring design and cable schedules)
  • Review and documentation of visible décor elements
  • Final Plans showing all device locations and quantities
  • A Reflected ceiling plan showing all items
    g. Camera locations, Wi-Fi points, intercom, touchscreens, lighting control etc…
  • Any other drawings relevant for establishing and coordinating scope (e.g. elevation drawings for cabinets)
  • 2x in-person consultation or zoom calls to discuss any changes and adjustments
  • 2x revisions – a draft RCP and Scope Of Work for you to review product options.

We only proceed to the Delivery Phase once we receive your formal approval on the Design Proposal. However, you are under no obligations to engage in our services after we send you your custom Design Proposal.

The Delivery Phase is all about the build! Once you have signed off and accepted the final Scope Of Work, our team of certified technicians will install your systems on site and will be here from start to finish and beyond. We’ll be there every step of the way to ensure the entire project runs smoothly, within the budget and on time. Our project management team will meticulously run behind the scenes and map the entire Scope Of Work with your project team.


  • Install and supply Smart Wiring, Networking, Security, Access Control and everything within the Scope Of Work
  • Liaise and specify integration requirements with other 3rd party system providers
    g. Air-Conditioning, Interior Design, Pool & Spa, Lighting Designers, Landscapers etc…
  • Develop drawings and liaise with the Interior Designing team for custom fit solutions like motorised TV lifts, theatre devices and in-wall screens, centralised communications rack, joinery spacing requirements, security devices, hidden technologies into joinery, mark up identified supplementary as power is required
  • A Detailed cable schedule to support the functionality
  • Lighting control drawings to allow the site Electrician to wire and terminate the switchboard components
  • Document the switchboard spacing layout requirements for the Electrician
  • Provide lighting and blind control electrical schematics for the Electrician
  • Our Showroom is your Showroom – available for you contractors to use throughout the project

Please note: If any of our documentation is to be used for tender or other third party quotations – the fee may vary between 7-11%

(These additional documents are covered in our installation and project management phase) 


Design First Brochure