Transform your home with our intelligent smart lighting solutions

Transform your home with DALI Lighting

Over the years, the way we light our homes have changed dramatically. We have gone from having one central light source per room with a wall switch, to over-lighting with rows of down-lights with little flexibility once its installed People are now moving forward, looking for simple, cost-effective solutions to lighting control.

DALI, or Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, is a dedicated protocol for digital lighting control that enables the easy installation of robust, scalable and flexible lighting networks. DALI was originally developed to allow digital control, configuration and querying of fluorescent ballasts, replacing the simple, one-way, broadcast-like operation. With DALI, the broadcast option is also available; in addition, with simple configuration, each DALI device can be assigned a separate address, allowing digital control of individual devices. Furthermore, the DALI devices can also be programmed to operate in groups. This provides excellent flexibility since the lighting systems can be reconfigured by software reprogramming, without the need to change the wiring. Different lighting functions and moods can be achieved in different rooms or areas of a building, and then easily adjusted and optimised.

The digital nature of DALI allows two-way communication between devices, so that a device can report a failure, or answer a query about its status or other information.

At the forefront of this movement is Dali lighting…

What home automation systems can i use with DALI lighting?

DALI is a dimming protocol & can be used with most automation systems. See below for the most common control systems used with Dali. DALI is now becoming the main standard to wire a Residential or Commercial property due to the ease of install, flexibility throughout the project, less in wiring costs, better control & no flickering on down-lights.


Control4’s Contemporary Lighting range is now available. Redesigned with a modern aesthetic to suit the smart homes of today.
– Lighting control elevated
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Philips Dynalite

Re-engage your technology in a whole new way with Philips Dynalite’s intuitive smart lighting solutions that let you seamlessly manage your lights while easily integrating other third-party smart devices. Enjoy your technology your way with a wide array of control options and instantly reap the benefits of a more comfortable, efficient and safe home.

Crestron HOME

Enhance your new construction or retrofit home project with comprehensive lighting control solutions that offer flexible control from one room to your entire property at the touch of a button.


Customise your living spaces with the perfect lighting system and intelligent keypads that can control multiple lighting loads simultaneously throughout your home. A highly robust and scalable solution, Clipsals C-Bus lighting control brings unrivaled comfort and energy efficiency to any home. Create custom lighting scenes and even integrate fans, window shades and more to transform the atmosphere with a tap.

KNX Basalte

We offer a range of expertly crafted Basalte products, including touch-sensitive switches, intelligent thermostats and motion detectors, with a minimalist design that blends perfectly into any architectural environment. Bronze, brass, brushed aluminium, glass or leather; you’re sure to find the perfect finish to complement your home or commercial decor.


The power to transform any space with light is now yours, at the touch of a button. Control the light and blind levels in a single room or throughout your whole home using a hand-held remote, wall-mounted keypad, tabletop control, and now, your iPad, iPhone or Android device. Seamlessly integrate Lutron’s technology into your home. Lutron light control systems can combine with audio, video, security, and HVAC. From simple incorporation with a single system to sophisticated high-level integration, Lutron designs its controls to work reliably and intuitively with other systems in your home.

  • More cost effective than traditional automation systems.
  • Just one DALI Universe Controller is the equivalent to 24 leading/trailing edge dimmers
  • Full control of individual or grouped lights
  • DALI dimming is increasingly being recognised as offering the smoothest dimming curve available for LED lighting with dimming from 0-100 % with no flickering.
  • Easy configuration & reconfiguration for changing circumstances
  • Increased energy savings due to dimming parameters 256 dimming settings and control capabilities
  • Flexibility throughout the building phase. DALI allows you to add or remove lights easily during the build by simply wiring from the nearest light and not running cables back to the switchboard as in a traditional lighting automation system.
  • Simple topology – the DALI topology is simple, not requiring home run circuits for each lighting group. Amongst other things this means a lot less cabling – cost efficient installation.
  • Less distribution board space required – one module provides control for up to 64 lamps, a density not possible with phase dimmers.
  • Simple Board wiring – there is much simpler termination and cable management in the distribution board.
  • DALI ballasts typically provide a very smooth dimming curve for LED lamps
  • Flexibility for the future – once installed lamps can be re-addressed and re-grouped with software rather than having to rewire circuits. Also, if an additional lamp is required after the project is complete it can simply be added to the DALI bus and provide with 230V rather than running a new dimming circuit in the distribution board.
  • Dali relays can also help solve issues were a cable was missed or added into a functional requirement, like bathroom exhaust fans.

As DALI and lighting design evolve to incorporate the wellness benefits of tuneable white (human centric lighting) the control can be adapted without any change to the wiring already in place.

  • Dali requires two cables – a 1.5 mm twin & earth and a 1.5 twin for transmission of the Dali protocol. These two cables loop from a Dali universe through a maximum of 64 Dali compatible lights or devices. For lights that do not have integral Dali drivers, a 1.5mm twin (or low voltage cable) should be wired back to the location of a Dali loop. This can be an access panel or remote cupboard.

  • Dali requires two cables – a 1.5 mm twin & earth and a 1.5 twin for transmission of the Dali protocol. These two cables loop from a Dali universe through a maximum of 64 Dali compatible lights or devices. For lights that do not have integral Dali drivers, a 1.5mm twin (or low voltage cable) should be wired back to the location of a Dali loop. This can be an access panel or remote cupboard.

  • For light fittings that have a DALI driver integrated such as down-lights, a simple way to wire is called a DALI loop. This is a 1.5mm T&E and 1.5mm twin active, looped to each light in the DALI universe.

    A DALI universe can consist of up to 64 lights or devices (60 light/device max per universe recommended).  For fittings which do not have an integral DALI driver, a run of 1.5mm2 twin or low voltage cable should be wired back to a location where you have a DALI loop ie at an access panel.  A simple loop of twin active or control cable is then taken to the switches from your DALI Universe Controller – see diagram A.

    As mentioned, each Dali controller can have up to 64 lights or devices on each universe. It is important to note that the 64 item maximum per universe includes any DALI addressable and programmable devices on the universe i.e. down-lights, pendants, controllers for constant current, AC controller and Dali relays etc.

    In all, Dali is easy to wire, very flexible, cost efficient and can be controlled by wall switches, tablets for easy convenience, your smart phone.

    *Please note this is general guide for informative purposes only.

  • Controlling your lights in your home is all relatively easy now with smart devices and smart devices / apps. Control your home when you’re in bed or on holidays is all easy with the right home lighting automation system that suits you and your home. GreenStar Technologies and the team at La Lounge are here to help you bring your dream smart home to life.

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