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As humans, we have always lived in states of ebb and flow, attuned with nature and the changing seasons. Our ancestors rose with the dawn, relying on their ‘internal clock’ and the stretching rays of the sun to wake them at the right time. They utilised the daylight hours and retired in the evening as the sun slipped away.

Our 21st century, urban lives have changed significantly with the invention of electric light. We are much less reliant on natural light and can perform tasks around the clock with the flick of a switch. We live on streets where lamps shine night long, and in cities that ‘never sleep’. We are awoken by alarms and devices, out of tune with the innate knowledge our bodies hold. Studies have shown that our internal clocks, or our circadian rhythms which govern our sleep/wake cycles are deeply affected by this constant supply of unchanging, artificial light. Conversely, they are regulated by natural daylight.

What is Human Centric Lighting?

Human Centric Lighting or tunable lighting is a lighting concept that puts the focus on people and their needs during the design process. In order to provide healthy light, we concentrate both on the user and the way that they put the given space to use. Introducing systems that imitate natural daylight makes it possible for us to ensure the users’ comfort and well-being.

Circadian lighting refers to lighting that is designed to have a biological impact on the human circadian system. Circadian lighting sends signals to the master clock in the brain, telling our bodies when it is daytime and when it is night and what functions to perform at various times of the day. A healthy circadian rhythm is associated with improved long-term health and helps promote better sleep at night, allowing our brains to repair our bodies as well as our minds.

There’s been quite a bit of talk about human centric, tunable, or circadian lighting and how LEDs can improve productivity in workplaces or make the residents of nursing homes more comfortable. Essentially, circadian lighting involves changing the colour temperature and brightness of lighting at certain times of day to both optimise alertness and stimulate the sleep response. Circadian simply refers to people’s natural 24-hour sleep/wake cycle.

The human centric lighting and circadian lighting is also referred to as tunable lighting for the simple reason that you can fine tune or control the source’s colour or colour temperature output.

Why is Circadian Lighting important?

The goal of circadian or tunable lighting in Melbourne that we focus on is to provide sufficient light signals to the brain to help reinforce the natural light/dark signals we would receive from the sun if we spent more of our time outdoors. A simple mantra to help capture the goal of circadian lighting is, “brighter days and darker nights”. Circadian lighting should provide a strong daytime light signal, telling our brain that it is daytime and to perform all the functions it needs to during the day. At night, we want to reduce that daytime light signal to help our bodies wind down, telling our brain to perform nighttime functions.

As technology improves and we deepen our knowledge of the body and mind, we can create homes and spaces with an increased focus on human-centric, tunable lighting in Melbourne. Beautiful, functional, lighting that is tailored to the occupants needs, while also improving their health and wellness.

For many, spending enough time outdoors to regulate their circadian rhythms is not possible. While everyone can benefit greatly from tunable lighting in Melbourne and beyond, different groups of people or individuals benefit in different ways.

Aside from work or school, our home is where we spend most of our time. Within the walls is a respite from the busy world outside, and a place where we eat, sleep, relax and create. Getting the lighting right is essential to our wellbeing. Tunable lighting within the home helps us to regulate our circadian rhythm, get better sleep and have more vitality throughout the day. We are seeing the need for this rise exponentially, as more people choose to work or educate from home. Homes that do not receive much natural light can also greatly benefit from the installation of circadian lighting.

Human centric or tunable lighting is scheduled and tailored to each individual application, meaning we can remove excessive energy use and human error from the equation. Internal and external lighting can be programmed to dim or turn off at certain times, for example before going to bed or when the sun starts to rise. Lighting can also be set to dim when turned on, at say 30%, thereby reducing the energy each fitting uses. These functions combined with a great lighting design, can reduce the power consumption of a building, resulting in lower electricity costs and a minimal environmental footprint.

When choosing the colour temperature for your space, you need to consider the finishes and colour palette used with your interior design. Reds, oranges and yellows look stunning when illuminated with warm white light (3000k). Whereas blues and greys can look clean and crisp under cool white light (4000k). For kitchen and bathroom areas, practicality is important. This can be achieved with plenty of cool light available to mimic natural daylight. On top of this, kitchens and bathrooms are generally white, and with the use of cool light a clean and sterile feel can be created. Once you’ve decided on the look and feel you’re going to create, our Lighting Design Consultants will help you transform your home with the perfect tunable lighting in Melbourne.

Controlling your lights in your home is all relatively easy now with smart devices and apps. Controlling your home when you’re in bed or on holidays is easy with the right home lighting automation system that suits you and your home. GreenStar Technologies and the team at La Lounge are here to help you bring your dream smart home to life.

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Using keypads, an app, touchscreens, or a remote, you’re able to dim lights or change colours and hues in any (and every) room and set a specific mood. Our Technology Designers will conveniently place your lighting keypads for tunable lighting in Melbourne to allow you to turn off every light on your way out the door with one tap. As you arrive home, your garage door can trigger the entryway lights to lead your way into the house. Motion detectors brighten the hallway lights during the evening and throughout the night, making it easier to move about without disturbing the rest of the household.

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The colour temperature of your light should be chosen based on where and why you need it. This can be determined during the lighting design process. For example, warm light at around 2700 to 3000k is ideal for your home. The almost yellow glow helps to create a warm, cosy, and friendly atmosphere for you and your family to relax in. However, this is not the optimal lighting choice for productivity. Warm light creates a lot of contrast, meaning your eyes must work to adapt, which becomes tiring. Therefore, for an office or other working environments, we recommend using cooler lighting between 3500 and 5500k.

Here’s a breakdown of typical light bulb colour temperatures and their source:

1800k – Candle Flame, sunset/sunrise
2400k – Standard incandescent lamps
2550k – Soft white incandescent lamps
2700k – Soft white compact fluorescent and LED lamps
3000k – Warm white compact fluorescent and LED lamps
3200k – Studio lamps / photofloods
5000k – Cool white / daylight compact fluorescent lamps
5500-6500k – Daylight, overcast, electronic flash
6500-9500k – LCD or CRT screen
15,000-27,000k – Clear blue poleward sky

Circadian Lighting Brochure

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Controlling your lights in your home is all relatively easy now with smart devices and smart devices / apps. Control your home when you’re in bed or on holidays is all easy with the right home lighting automation system that suits you and your home. GreenStar Technologies and the team at La Lounge are here to help you bring your dream smart home to life.



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