Smart Hotel Automation

Smart Hotel Automation

Imagine a luxury hotel experience where the guest can control the room temperature and organise valet service all with the one remote. Where they can dim the lights for a romantic evening and schedule a wake-up call the next morning, and where the drapes can be opened or closed automatically for added natural light or increased privacy. Does it sound too good to be true, like something we might see well into the future? Well consider the future to be now, because with smart hotel automation services from GreenStar Technologies, you’ll be able to do all these things and more!

Automation Solutions for Hotels Old and New

It doesn’t matter if your hotel is in the stages of being built or has been standing for decades; GreenStar Technologies can provide you with automation solutions that will add instant convenience and comfort to your rooms. From the moment your guest checks in to the moment they check out, our intuitive automation service is designed to make their stay as comfortable as possible. In addition to the convenience and comfort benefits that come with automation, it can also improve energy efficiency, as lights and heating or cooling can be automatically programmed to switch off as soon as motion sensors stop detecting movement in a room.

Why Choose GreenStar Technologies for Hotel Automation?

GreenStar Technologies is Melbourne’s Diamond level Control4 provider. This status is not something that can simply be bought; it’s been earned through years of hard work, and it positions us as the leading choice for premium building control solutions.

If you want to give your valued clients the luxury hotel experience they’ve always dreamed of, contact the smart hotel automation specialists at GreenStar Technologies today.