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Fast, Reliable Home Wi-Fi and Broadband Sharing

Most homes suffer from patchy Wi-Fi coverage.

The poor Wi-Fi point you received from your broadband provider was never designed to cover a whole home and get through all those walls. Perhaps you purchased an extra one from the local electrical store but they were never designed to work well together.

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The content you access from social media to TV on demand is literally throttling your Wi-Fi.

The good news is Wi-Fi is not one size fits all.

Let us transform your Wi-Fi steaming and roaming experience by deploying a cohesive overlay tailored for your house and outdoor living spaces to keep you connected with confidence.

For connected devices such as your smart TV’s, entertainment devices, home office and vital home systems from CCTV to pool control, your home needs the right distribution platform to support the growing list of devices needing data connectivity.

Don’t worry. We are here to help! Ask us how and we will make all your connectivity a breeze.


For truly secure smart homes that Melbourne residents can feel safe in:

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