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Safe and secure!

Enjoy peace of mind when your home is fitted with smart alarm and detection coverage.

A home is a place where you should feel most relaxed and secure. But many homes now have multiple levels or expansive floorplans, which for some, can leave a feeling of being less secure.

The demands of family and work life can have you away from home more or some members of the home alone more often. Perhaps travel or visiting the holiday home leaves your property vacant, longer.

Your primary feeling of home should be one of safety, comfort and feeling secure. Thats the essence of a home isn’t it? This is where smart security can support you in a whole new way.

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Smarter Security

Take advantage of zoned security systems allowing you to adjust the level of detection while you are living in the house or have full detection when away.

Smart security systems can allow you to monitor and control your security from your smart phone giving you greater flexibility in monitoring and managing your home.

You can even manage the allowable access times for service providers such as cleaners, gardeners and pool service providers.

There are other benefits too. Smart security when integrated with other intelligent lifestyle systems can automatically activate tasks such as turning on some lights to make the home look lived in while away or turning off high energy devices such as heating and cooling just because you armed your alarm when leaving the property.

Motorised blinds can automatically close when you arm and leave for the day to minimise heating and cooling costs and sun damage to your precious furnishings.

These are just some examples of smart security working better for you.

If you are considering a security solution for your home, we can help you take advantage of the latest security innovations that that give you the peace of mind you are looking for and deliver better value.


For truly secure smart homes that Melbourne residents can feel safe in:

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