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Better Integration For Pool and Spa Control .

Combining your pool and spa control into one user interface with your other home systems makes sense.

Smart home automation innovation allows you to set and adjust your pool and spa settings from just about anywhere. From your smartphone on-the-go, centralised smart home touchscreen in your kitchen or even the convenience of control from any TV in the home.

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    Better Integration

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    More flexibility

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How happy will you feel having your spa ready as you arrive home after a hard day at the office with the full convenience of mobile control from your smart phone.

When streamlined into a a broader automation design, you can now have total convenience to set your outdoor entertaining environment such as setting the water jets, water features, adjusting the lighting and playing your favourite music from your outdoor audio system surrounding the pool. Even integration with poolside TV and cinema and just one remote.

Special wireless controls can add other benefits such as wirelessly answering your intercom and even allow you to release gates for your guests to enter the property while you are hosting your party or relaxing by the pool.

Naturally for day to day management of your pool and spa systems, there is also the convenience of scheduling and full system control you would expect.

You don't need to think of pool and spa control as a stand-alone solution anymore. For those who treasure simplicity, convenience and better indoor/outdoor living, now is the perfect time to get the best advice on integrating a pool and spa into your building or renovation project.


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