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Your Favourite Music Anywhere!

Re-live the soundtrack of your life. Multiroom audio allows you to browse, play and enjoy music and radio more simply than every before with full access to the latest music streaming services.

Architectural speaker systems now mean you can enjoy the benefits of discrete audio without detracting from your decor. Yes, even invisible speakers!

Discrete zoning allows for more personalisation of your favourite areas of the home.

When entertaining or simply roaming through the house, areas can be linked with ease to create a unified soundscape all at the appropriate volume.

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    Any room

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    Any song

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    More fun

Ask about our single room, multiroom and outdoor audio packages!

Add a little fun to your home design;

- The Living Room where you entertain and relax

- Ensuites for morning radio or relaxing in the bath

- Bedrooms for a lazy morning or relaxing after a hard day

- The Kitchen for when you are creating a feast or having breakfast

- Dining for a perfect accompaniment to good food and wine

- The Gym for a more exhilarating workout

- The Pool and Outdoor Living for great weekends with the kids and friends

Incorporated with your TV entertainment, the music system delivers superior sound for your movies and TV shows.

Come and see the full experience and benefits of multiroom audio, TV integration and effortless control in our showroom and experience the pure pleasure your home can bring.


For truly secure smart homes that Melbourne residents can feel safe in:

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