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Solving Your Blind and Shading System Control?

Stand-alone blind control solutions typically offer wireless remotes that can be easily lost or alternatively non-matching wall controls to your light switches create ‘wall acne’.

Many homes have large expanses of windows in open plan areas requiring many blind motors to be controlled that demand simple solutions.

Smart Home control innovation allows you better alternatives to standard remotes. Options include consolidating your room lighting control and blinds into one switch as you enter the room. Even control your bedroom blinds from your reading light switch!

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Additional convenience is possible via intelligent entertainment control systems. With one remote for the room you can control your TV system as well as your blinds and lighting.

Further integration with smart home systems such as security allows you to have your blinds automatically close when you arm your security to leave for the day, minimising heating and cooling costs and sun damage to your furnishings.

When considering implementing motorised blinds or shading systems, ask our advice and take advantage of the new creative ways to control your rooms.


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