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Why Have Intelligent Lighting Control?

Have you noticed lighting is used more and more to complement architectural and interior design ideas in home design?

Good lighting design gives you a transformed appreciation of colour, texture, proportion and space. It also changes the way you feel in that space as our bodies are vary receptive to changes in light.

Intelligent lighting lets you set the feel and tone of any space for different times of the day with one touch scenes and individual circuit control when you need it.

An open plan kitchen-living area may have one-touch scenes for arriving home, dining, TV watching and entertaining. Sensors may automatically activate dimming late at night when entering ensuites or hallways responding to you more organically.

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Your outdoor pool terrance may have vibrant lighting before dinner then more subdued lighting for drinks or a late night dip. Colour adjustable lighting can provide highlights to vegetation, wall features and surfaces for beautiful and subtle transitions.

When relaxing on the couch, imagine having the ability to simply adjust the room lighting from having appropriate reading light to cosier lighting for TV watching all adjustable from your wireless TV control.

Each transition is possible with the press of a button or automatically scheduled by time of day and occupancy state of the home. Its a world of difference compared to having just ‘one look’, on/off switching for every circuit.

Across a large home intelligent lighting control comes into it’s own allowing you to effortlessly set the ambience for the occasion or turn off unused areas of the home from key locations such as a kitchen touchscreen, TV menu or even from the convenience of a smartphone. Even one touch ‘all-off’ scenes when going to bed.

When integrated with your security system you can have automatic ‘welcome home’ lighting into the home when you arrive in the dark or deterrent lighting in an alarm event. The home can even have an occupancy pattern of lighting at night when away on holidays.

Even your motorised blinds can be controlled from the same intelligent light switches consolidating your control and reducing control clutter on your walls.

With intelligent lighting control, your home will feel more delightful and be far more easy to manage.


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