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Whole Home Climate Control Made Easy?

The problem with just stand-alone heating and cooling control is that it is often fixed to the rooms where you may not habit regularly. You can loose track of what’s running and in a large home, it becomes more of a challenge to manage your overall heating and cooling.

Heating and cooling is usually your biggest energy cost so you want to be getting the most value and best efficiency.

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New innovations in smart home controls now allow you to distribute your control. From the kitchen for example a touchscreen can provide you with full control of all of your zones.

From your living room couch you can adjust the heating and cooling from your wireless entertainment system control or a special on-screen TV display. Even turn off other unused rooms.

Even when you are leaving work or heading to your holiday home you can control your heating and cooling from your smart phone. So when you arrive the house is already nice and cool on a hot summers day.

How does that sound?

If you like better comfort that’s more convenient, let us help you assess the best solution for you. We will provide all the advice and personalised solutions you need.


For truly secure smart homes that Melbourne residents can feel safe in:

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