Why is CCTV So Popular?

CCTV us arguably your strongest point of deterrent while providing a greater sense of safety and security.

Survey incidents that may be taking place outside your property from disturbances to vandalism and potential burglary. From inside the secure environment in your home, you can assess any concerns without having to leave the protection of the house.


See, deter, record.
CCTV provides a cocoon around your home for seeing and deterring and helps you better manage access to your property.

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When you are away from the property, you can view live footage or remotely connect to your recordings.

CCTV keeps you in touch with your property when away holiday even to simply keep an eye on the pool filtering or state of the lawns and garden.

For large homes, many people enjoy the convenience CCTV can add to everyday living such as using the camera footage as you release gates and doors for visitors.

From the kitchen you can keep an eye on how they kids are playing together in the back yard.

For home delivery shopping, you can use your CCTV to assist with delivery arrangements. When integrated with your keyless access controlled gates, you can view the delivery, remotely release the gate and ensure the gate is closed when the driver leaves. All while in communication with the driver on your phone, it can solve your home delivery woes.

CCTV enhances your security and assists your day to day living. Ask one of our consultants for advice for your property.

Clients Testimonials

Today’s modern world of technology gives you back time to do what you really want. If you want the best contact for a seamless process from start to finish then speak with Marc at GreenStar Technologies to modernise your home or office so everything that can be, will be at a touch of a screen.

- Craig F.

Could not find a better quality service anywhere highly recommend.

- Steve G.

Excellent service and follow-up. Highly recommended

- Andrew M.

Thank you to Marc and the Greenstar team for automating our home. Everything can be achieved by the touch of a button. The team was always available to answer our questions were very accommodating.

- Lan T..

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