Assisted Living

Smart Home Control For More Independent Living

Smart Home technologies can play an important role in creating more functional living spaces for people with age related conditions.

These technologies are helping people live longer in their homes more independently in the later years of their life allowing more choice in where they wish to live.

For clients with acute disabilities, smart home technologies can be explored as an add on benefit to any medically designed aids they may have been issued to create more complete and convenient day to day living environments that provide more independence.

Assisted Living

More independent living for greater quality of life.

Take advantage of smart home technologies that can allow your home to better support you or your loved ones when living with disabilities or age related conditions.

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Home Automation for Assisted Living

Wireless touchscreen control can consolidate the user experience of all the services in a room such as heating and cooling, intercom, lighting, blinds, motorised doors, TV, music and radio. For a person with mobility restrictions, they still can have easy control of the space from their armchair, wheelchair or bed.

Security and access control systems can monitor doors alerting carers if someone has left the home when it is not safe to do so or monitor the occupancy patterns of rooms to identify if someone has potentially been bedridden.

Smart Home technologies can also be a complementary solution to support external care givers both while assisting on the property and remotely when away, even on their smart phone.

For people building their last home, smart home technologies can be designed and implemented creating more opportunities to adapt and personalise the home services for different stages of life giving you more long term choice.

Nursing Home Assisted Living

The ability of motion sensors to detect a fall and relay this information to families and carers, or the potential for voice recognition technology to detect a cry for help, also greatly reduces the chance of serious peril.

Personal devices, such as those which monitor heart rate, can automatically send information to carers to keep them constantly informed of an individual’s state.

These are just some of the amazing and life-change assisted living technologies which GreenStar specialise in.

Keeping Costs Down

Not only can such assisted living technologies prevent an individual from having to relocate to an expensive external care facility, they also make effective use of personal carers, by keeping them informed remotely and potentially reducing contact time between carers and their patients.

Smart Home Care for Elderly

With organisations such as The Summer Foundation pushing for the inclusion of disability-friendly technology in new housing projects, assisted living technology is becoming more common, and for good reason.

Such technology not only provides a better standard of living for the elderly, it also reduces the number of younger people living with severe disabilities from having to relocate to nursing homes, which are traditionally designed for the elderly.

Clients Testimonials

Today’s modern world of technology gives you back time to do what you really want. If you want the best contact for a seamless process from start to finish then speak with Marc at GreenStar Technologies to modernise your home or office so everything that can be, will be at a touch of a screen.

- Craig F.

Could not find a better quality service anywhere highly recommend.

- Steve G.

Excellent service and follow-up. Highly recommended

- Andrew M.

Thank you to Marc and the Greenstar team for automating our home. Everything can be achieved by the touch of a button. The team was always available to answer our questions were very accommodating.

- Lan T..

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