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Smarter Security

Do you lie awake at night not fully satisfied with your property security.

What could the impact be to your operation if a major security breach was to occur?

For existing sites, the security system that was first installed at the original construction may have been suitable then. But how does that compare to your layout and business activities today? We can review and advise on any improvements that will give you the level of security you need.

If you’re constructing a new facility, now is the time to get the right advice so when you move in, your new security system perfectly dovetails into the flow and layout of your organisation and gives you and your staff the level of control to allow you to maximise your security at all times.

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    Smartphone control

Get the right advice for your site. Call GreenStar Technologies

The best way to protect your assets is to have alarm detection that makes full consideration for access to your property and your operational activities. By taking advantage of the latest control solutions, you and your management staff can effortlessly monitor and manage the areas of the property, even via your smartphones allowing you to zone arm with ease, cross check and be alerted when anything out of the ordinary occurs.

You can even log staff access times when combined with an access control solutions.

The first step is to get good advice. Lets start a conversation and help you to identify your risks and solve your problems with technologies that will fully support your unique property and operation.


GreenStar helps Melbourne businesses reduce risk and be more secure. Ask us how!

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