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The Benefits Of Intelligent Lighting Control?

Fully adaptable lighting control allows you to create spaces that are more engaging for your clients by time of day or occasion.

More and more, lighting has become the icing on the cake to define the look and feel of a space. If you want to make an impression, full control of a good lighting design will give any restaurant, bar, showroom or retail space the resonance that will make the space captivating.

Your lighting can be adaptive to the activities as they need to happen. Lighting control systems provide full scene control to allow you to create subtle transitions with ease to define the space when and how you like it.

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For commercial buildings, lighting control delivers greater energy efficiency. Smart sensors can dim lights in unoccupied areas or turn off areas off by monitoring for absence detection. Automated sensing also allows natural daylight to be harvested saving energy when there is ample ambient light from windows.

These same energy saving measures can also extend the life of your light fittings by eliminating unnecessary running hours. This can be a significant cost saving over the life of the building.

Greenstar Technologies know lighting control. We can show you how to integrate it with your security, access control, motorised blinds and AV systems to achieve even greater functionality and more benefits. Ask us how!


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