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Achieve Better Control Of Your Heating and Cooling!

For many businesses, the heating and cooling zones are fully adjustable by staff from the wall controls and management have little control or practical supervision on how they are used.

Did you know that for every degree increase in your heating and cooling, your energy consumption increases by around 10%. For most commercial buildings, heating and cooling is the biggest single contributor to your energy bills. So better management control makes good sense.

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You can now take advantage of building automation solutions that allow you to have central management control from a touchscreen with password protection.

Heating and cooling control can be incorporated into the same touchscreen control as other services such as motorised blinds, lighting control and audio visual for a total room or building solution.

You probably have security, right? Security integration can automatically have the heating and cooling turn off just by the ‘armed’ status of the alarm. So you can be reassured each night your you biggest energy consumer is off.


For smarter heating and cooling control:

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