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Manage and Streamline Your Door and Gate Access

Controlled gates and doors allow you to automate and authenticate who should be coming and going through your property.

Utilising swipe cards and fobs, key codes and even finger scans, each staff member can have the access they need to support your operation but give you that added level of protection.

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Access control systems can be implemented to the level that you need from simply providing access at scheduled allowed times for each person to logging of access times per user.

The long term security of your property is assured as you no longer issue keys.

Integrated digital intercoms allow you to greet arrivals and remotely release gates and doors across the property. A consolidated solution make access management easier.

When integrated with your alarm system, you can receive alerts when incidents happen outside al-lowable times.

Smartphone apps allow you more flexibility in controlling your site or receiving deliveries. In contact with delivery drivers, you can remotely release gates and doors, even survey the delivery via CCTV on your phone and re-arm the security when they have left.

Let us help you plan and implement the level of access control that will be the best fit for your prop-erty and they way you do business.


For smarter access control for your property:

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