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Take control of your security worries! Protect your family and assets to create a greater level of deterrent with tailored security solutions that support the way you live in your property.

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Protect Your Home with a House Security System

Take control of your security worries! Protect your assets and create a greater level of deterrent with tailored smart home security solutions that support the way you live in your property. You can now enjoy greater peace of mind knowing your home is fitted with smart home alarm and detection coverage.

The Importance of Home Security Systems

A home is a place where you should feel most relaxed and secure. But many homes now have multiple levels or expansive floorplans that can leave occupants feeling less secure. The demands of family and work life may also have you away from home more, or leave other members of the home alone more often. Perhaps travelling the world or visiting a holiday home leaves your property vacant for longer. Whatever the case, the importance of protecting your home with a home security alarm system cannot be overstated.

Your primary feeling of home should be one of safety, comfort and feeling secure – after all, that’s the essence of a home. A smart home alarm system with alarm sensors can help to protect your home as well as all occupants within.

A Smart House System for Smarter Security

Home security systems allow you to monitor and control your security from your smart phone, giving you greater flexibility in monitoring and managing your home. GreenStar Technologies can help you take advantage of zoned security systems, allowing you to adjust the level of detection while you’re living in the house or have full detection when away. You can even manage the allowable access times for service providers such as cleaners, gardeners and pool service providers.

There are other benefits, too. When integrated with other intelligent lifestyle systems, the latest home security systems can automatically activate tasks such as turning on some lights to make the home look lived in, turning off high energy devices such as heating and cooling, and arming your alarm when you leave your property. Motorised blinds can also automatically close when you arm and leave for the day to minimise heating and cooling costs and sun damage to your precious furnishings. These are just some examples of a smart home or apartment security system working for you.

If you’re considering a house alarm system for your home, we can help you take advantage of the latest security innovations and give you peace of mind knowing your home is fully protected. We offer wired solutions that are superior to wireless home alarm systems – simply speak to one of our experts to discover your options. As the Victorian Diamond provider of Control4, we can also provide you with a home security alarm kit that includes a smoke detector with remote alarm, home security motion sensors, a garage alarm system and more. You can even have the convenience of smartphone monitoring and away-from-home control.

Clients Testimonials

Today’s modern world of technology gives you back time to do what you really want. If you want the best contact for a seamless process from start to finish then speak with Marc at GreenStar Technologies to modernise your home or office so everything that can be, will be at a touch of a screen.

- Craig F.

Could not find a better quality service anywhere highly recommend.

- Steve G.

Excellent service and follow-up. Highly recommended

- Andrew M.

Thank you to Marc and the Greenstar team for automating our home. Everything can be achieved by the touch of a button. The team was always available to answer our questions were very accommodating.

- Lan T..

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