Keyless Entry

Keyless Entry

Simple and secure door and gate control.

Enjoy the perfect balance of security and convenience with keyless control of gates and doors by remote, pin-code or the swipe of your finger print.

Keyless Entry

Keyless access control lets you take control of who comes and goes when on your property.

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Simplified Door and Gate Access

Keyless access control is the perfect solution for properties with perimeter gates, multiple external doors, garage home entry points or rooms with valuables such as wine rooms.

It provides a secure secondary means of releasing gates or doors utilising wireless remotes, secure keypads, smartphones and even finger scanners. So you don’t need keys to move about your property!

Its a very practical and ergonomic solution for a home with multiple points of access.

This simplicity also enables you to incorporate more secure gates and doors into your home design as the burden of multiple keys is taken away. You are more free than ever to implement the level of secure gates and doors you desire for your property.

Incidental coming and going from the property is a breeze from taking out the bins, to accessing secure yards, jogging, bike riding or walking the dog.

Keyless entry allows home owners to use service providers such as cleaners, gardeners and pool technicians without the need to hand over your keys. As you change service providers over the life of the home, you can simply electronically remove access when no longer required. You can also schedule allowable times they can use the secure gates and doors providing for a more secure property.

Keyless access control is the prefect accompaniment to any Security, Intercom and CCTV solutions that may be considered.

Before you finalise the design of your gates and doors, let us help you plan and implement the level of access control that will be the best fit for your family and property.

Clients Testimonials

Today’s modern world of technology gives you back time to do what you really want. If you want the best contact for a seamless process from start to finish then speak with Marc at GreenStar Technologies to modernise your home or office so everything that can be, will be at a touch of a screen.

- Craig F.

Could not find a better quality service anywhere highly recommend.

- Steve G.

Excellent service and follow-up. Highly recommended

- Andrew M.

Thank you to Marc and the Greenstar team for automating our home. Everything can be achieved by the touch of a button. The team was always available to answer our questions were very accommodating.

- Lan T..

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