Dynamic Systems With Intuitive, Centralised Control For Improved Productivity And Security




This custom four-storey home overlooking one of Queensland’s iconic beaches has everything one could desire. Amazing views, superb indoor / outdoor living and an unbelievable sense of harmony where captivating interior and exterior design delicately infuse with home automaton for magical touches of personality and user experiences. 

Our client approached us for our design and installation expertise to help deliver this interstate dream home with Glen Watson Building and Design. Glen Watson is renowned for building these beautiful masterpieces and we joined the project to ensure the electronic lifestyle solutions provided the perfect complement to the interior and exterior ambitions of the project. The client brief was to ensure that all the home services were integrated to ensure living in this multi-level property would be a breeze with elegant and unified control for the whole family and to ensure remote off-site management would be at the client’s fingertips. To maximise interior space and height, we worked with the builder and client to engineer solutions that would allow minimalistic ceiling and wall cavities for services. While incredibly challenging, our project delivery team drew on years of experience to deliver proven technical solutions to achieve this.

It all begins with the idea of one intuitive control platform for the entire property. From the entry, an ‘Intercom Anywhere’ solution calls touchscreens and smartphones over the property and provides simple communication with full integration control of the pedestrian gate and front door plus quick access to control wider property gates, and preview of live CCTV cameras across the grounds. So when guests and service providers arrive, the home functions with ease, even when away from the property. And for the family, keyless home entry provides secure peace of mind with all the ease of moving about the property. When at home or away the security system and integrated CCTV allows a level of reassurance fully managed from home touchscreens on each level or smartphones anywhere.


The security system integrates with other services providing automatic ‘welcome home’ lighting upon arrival into the property at night through to automatic blind and HVAC automation so the building organically adapts the lived environment with arrival detection and responds appropriately by time of day. And once within the property, fully adaptable Intelligent lighting complements the entire look and feel from arrival to relaxing, entertaining, dining, retiring to bed and adapting any room environment for the occasion. And from the smart light switches with engraved buttons, each white glass switch panel allows full adaption of lighting and also control of motorised blinds for more simplicity and to reduce wall clutter.

This home offers more than resort living. A fully embedded entertainment treatment allows access to any song, artist or album in 16 areas via the worlds streaming services. Many rooms feature invisible speakers to keep the expansive ceilings free so your eye is always drawn to the big blue sea horizon. And all across the home, smart room remotes fully control custom fit TVs with an unlimited choice of distributed, hide-away video content while also allowing full comfort adaption from lighting to heating and cooling, motorised blinds, and the delight of a fresh sea breeze via motorised windows. And for that extra cosy touch, full control of gas flame fire places. There is no need to leave home. A dedicated and architecturally fitted theatre entertains beyond measure and an amazing pool terrace suspended in the sky creates an entertainment and relaxation oasis with the worlds music available for everyone. Even the pool and spa is fully controllable from touchscreens and smartphones.

And when leaving the property, just by activating the security, the home turns off into an energy efficient state and blinds close to keep the home cool and minimise sun damage to furnishings. Imagine turning off four floors of the home that easily just by arming the security! At home or when away, the family have full control via touchscreens or smartphones of their irrigation with scheduling they can easily optimise for the time of year and weather conditions. The automation system also provides an extra level of personalisation able to send push notifications to smartphones based on special events detected by the systems. So when away from the property, the family can keep abreast of the property functions that they wish to monitor actively.

The importance of a good data network cannot be overstated. The home has full connectivity for broadband sharing and managed Wi-Fi roaming over four floors and outdoor areas. So from having all the benefits of home automation to accessing entertainment content, viewing CCTV, running a home office and having control of every service at ones fingertips, the home is a true representation of a ‘connected home’ and allows a high level adaptability to new services and innovations over the life of the property.

This level of personalisation is all about good collaboration between the client, the project design and delivery team, and the builder, while drawing on years and years of delivering custom fitted smart home experiences. This is why we love what we do. Creating great personalised homes that truly reflect the way each member of the family likes to live, making the home more liveable, delivering better comfort, more personalised entertainment and a reassuring level of safety and security – all beautifully infused into the overall interior and exterior design.