Nestled in the hills of Victoria’s iconic Peninsula wine region, this breathtaking property delivers rural retreat living with all the conveniences. Over expansive acreage, this bespoke, smart property, assists the full idea of living, entertaining and managing the total site.

The family and key service providers arrive at the secure driveway gate with number plate car recognition providing automatic vehicle access into the property. Additional convenience is also available via wireless remotes. And when going for a walk beyond the grounds, codepad control is conveniently available at the gate too.

A pillar of the design is the ‘intercom anywhere’ feature. So, when guests or deliveries arrive, the call from the gate can be answered quickly from touchscreens throughout the home and via mobile phones anywhere on property or in the world. The holistic solution allows remote control of the gate in conjunction with reviewing all the CCTV across the property and lighting control if guests arrive in the dark unexpectedly.


So where once a stand-alone intercom would have been the total of the functional possibilities, an integrated smart home design provides more flexibility, and supports the site in a far more enhanced way. With the gate located so far from the house across the fields, a fibre optic backbone connects the multiple gate area services to the home automation system and solves the smart connectivity over long distances.

Meandering down the country lane to the house, keyless access also extends to the garage and home. Coming onto and moving through the property is secure and convenient.

Your arrival is greeted with intelligent lighting across the home. Combined with motorised blind and air conditioning control, every space is adaptive for personalised comfort and efficiently managed. As part of the lighting control, smart sensors provide convenient, automatic lighting, in quick walkthrough areas, robes and ensuites, all responsive and cosy at the intensity appropriate for the time of night. Smart switches provide in-room adaptive convenience and blind control too. The experience is a sense of delightful warmth and adaptive personalisation in both look and feel.

For being entertained, retreat living far from the hustle and bustle does not mean going without. A custom-fit cinema with three rows of seating, the latest laser projection, highly tuned surround sound and acoustic treatments rival any commercial cinema experience. Even retiring for the evening to watch TV or the latest streaming show on demand, the cinema is a focal point for both casual entertaining and premier movie experiences for day in, day out entertainment. One single remote for the room allows effortless control automation of hidden technology. All you press is what you want to watch, and the system activates ready to go, simplified for any user. The remote extends to lighting adjustment and air conditioning control too for a total room solution.

Entertaining extends throughout with multiple custom-fit TV areas where TV audio and music streaming is solved through one holistic experience and smart room controls. The TV dialogue is enhanced in large TV viewing areas and architecturally fitted audio allows the worlds music libraries to be accessed and played throughout the home and outdoor entertaining areas.

The Master Bedroom benefits from a motorised hidden TV reveal, effortlessly controlled supporting the interior design ambitions and solving unobtrusive views from bed through the window to the distant orchards.

An integrated security system ensures a safe and secure home fully controllable from inside or away via smartphone. CCTV is easily viewable at the dedicated intercom touchscreens and smartphones too. CCTV becomes more than just a security enhancement, but also a practical day to day tool to assist every-day living and movement of service providers through the grounds, through to locating family members or hosting a gathering utilising the expansive outdoor environs.

When leaving for the day, just by ‘arming’ the security, all the integrated systems turn off to make it easy to leave quickly from an expansive property in an energy efficient way.

The smart data network and overarching Wi-Fi solution ensure all the conveniences of portable devices are reliably accessible. Extended Wi-Fi bridging to outbuildings solved an efficient way to also extend CCTV capability beyond the main house.

And there is whole home smartphone control too. So, from anywhere, all the home services are immediately available via one smartphone app, even when away from the property or out in the rolling acreage.

What this project demonstrates is that through considered design, the choice of integrated services working together can add tremendous benefits and invaluable simplification. From solving the practicalities of living day to day across a property, to enhancing the adaption of comfort and lighting over an expansive floorplan, using technical solutions to solve interior design aims, delivering more contentment with smart security, or creating entertainment experiences throughout for the joy it brings, in the moment.


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