Powerful Home Control Solutions Made Easy To Use
For Any Member Of The Family


A total smart home makeover and extensive renovation of a 1960’s two story home creating a refreshing and modern oasis for a family of five delivering the best of contemporary indoor-outdoor living.

Intelligent lighting provides full flexibility to create personalised and adaptable comfort. With added benefits of automated welcome home lighting, effortless whole home control and amazing outdoor colour lighting ambience when entertaining or relaxing by the pool, intelligent lighting control underpins the look and feel of each lived environment. The intuitive light switches have engraved buttons consolidating full room control of lighting, ceiling sweep fans, skylights, motorised external shades and motorised blinds for ease of use and to reduce wall clutter.


The project incorporates the latest in intercom innovation we call “Intercom Anywhere” by Control4. Easily accessible across a distribution of Control4 touchscreens and also from smartphones, intercom with property CCTV preview and convenient control of gates, doors and security is a breeze. It provides more choice in greeting guests, providing property access and receiving deliveries. For a two story home with expansive outdoor entertaining spaces, it beautifully combines convenience with greater security.

A Control4 home automation design provides just one user interface to control all the home services from lighting, entertainment and security to heating and cooling, motorised blinds and external shades, motorised skylights, pool and spa, intercom, electronic gates and doors and more. The beauty is in the simplicity. Its so intuitive and responsive solving living in a large multi-story home with extensive indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Most rooms and the entire outdoor entertaining setting feature an un-obtrusive architecturally fitted multiroom audio design allowing unlimited music choice in any area via the worlds music and internet radio steaming services.

All the key entertainment rooms and outdoor entertaining spaces benefit from distributed video allowing sharing of all Foxtel boxes, Apple TV and cameras to any TV and the theatre via highly intuitive remote controls so you can watch anything, anywhere. The home is capped off with a dedicated home cinema, again architecturally fitted to create a more engaging room for day to day living and entertaining.

For peace of mind, the home is fitted with comprehensive security and CCTV allowing zone arming and easy access to view live cameras and recordings when at home or away from the property. Electronic controlled gates and doors and keyless entry allow for convenience when coming and going. Keyless freedom can be liberating when going for a walk, riding the bike or bringing in the groceries.

Motorised, shade-fitted skylights are controlled to allow better light management into the interior of the home and allow circulation of fresh air.

For a family of five, seamless Wi-Fi across the entire property and over two floors ensures fast broadband sharing for content and running a home office. As the lifestyle systems that underpin homes become smarter and more connected, data becomes a most essential service deserving professional design as in this case.

The beauty is all in the lived experience – The simplicity and the adaptability of the home in harmony with the way each member of the family like to live, be entertained and feel more secure with greater comfort.