KNX Automation for Your Home with GreenStar Technologies

KNX lighting control offers over 200 supplier options of suppliers with lighting within your home to suit your lifestyle. For example, with your KNX automation system, you can program different lighting moods into your system to activate at different times. KNX is known as the world standard in home and building control, so when you get KNX Australia products installed in your home by GreenStar Technologies, you’ll know you’ll be future proofing the automation technology used in your home for years to come.

A KNX lighting control system offers unparalleled options for remote and in-situ lighting control. KNX home automation really is a deluxe choice, and now you can have it in your home too. At GreenStar Technologies, we can install a KNX System to suit your homes austheic requirements as well as all the required wiring and software. We also check all functions to ensure your system is working 100% correctly as part of the installation process.

The Benefits of KNX Automation

  • Improved security − KNX automation is a high-quality leading international system for building control, and it can improve the security of your home too. Ask us for help with a design servive and installation.
  • Energy savings − Enjoy up to 50% in energy savings when you take advantage of a KNX lighting control systems, which ensures that only lighting you need at that time is turned on. The ability to dim lights can also save energy.
  • Can be used in a variety of buildings − KNX automation can be used in both new and existing buildings, plus networks can be extended quite easily. They can additionally be used in small or large buildings, and residential or commercial.

Choose GreenStar Technologies for KNX Automation Installation

GreenStar Technologies is a leader when it comes to installation of leading home security and control systems, including KNX automation. For the most luxurious home lighting at the touch of a button, you need the KNX lighting control system. If you’d like to learn more or you have any questions, such as KNX vs C-Bus or anything else, call us today on 1300 887 397.