Home Automation Solar and Battery Storage

Home Automation, Solar & Battery Storage

As a leader in home automation, solar panels and battery storage, GreenStar Technologies can provide you with a complete solution to help make your home more efficient. Continue reading to learn more about the key elements and how they relate to smart homes and The Internet of Things.

The Key Elements

Let’s start by defining each of the key elements involved:

  • Solar panels – Solar panels make use of the sun, converting its heat into energy. The right solar panel system can help to cut your energy bills and also benefit the environment by being an excellent source of natural energy.
  • Battery storage – Once the sun’s energy has been captured by solar panels, battery storage can be used to store the energy for later use.
  • Smart homes – Smart homes provide occupants with automation options to simplify their lives. A smart home can control lighting, blinds, security and much more, adding convenience to your daily life.
  • The Internet of Things – This term refers to appliances connected to one another through the internet.

In a smart home, these different elements work together to provide a high level of energy efficiency and convenience.

Getting Solar Panels & Battery Storage to Connect with Your Smart Home

There are so many benefits you can enjoy when you have a smart home that’s connected with your solar and battery storage system. But how do you get it all set up so it works seamlessly? First and foremost, you must have the right infrastructure.

At GreenStar Technologies, we draw on our extensive experience and product knowledge to provide suitable solutions. In fact, we’re so confident in our solutions that we’ve even chosen to install them in our own premises! Our showroom in Glen Huntly, Victoria, boasts a 20Kw solar array and 3 x Sonnen 3 phase battery back-up. Drop in to visit if you’re located nearby and we’ll be happy to show you how it works.

Want to learn more about home automation, solar and battery storage? Call us now on 0488 194 224 to arrange a time to speak with our team.