While traditional movie theatres do have fantastic image and sound quality, they also have their faults. Nearby strangers talking throughout the film or pulling out their bright smartphones, sticky floors, overpriced theatre tickets…the list could go on. Consider a home theatre design personalised with your comfort and entertainment experience in mind to circumvent the conventional movie-watching hassles without leaving your home.  

Booming surround sound will place you in the centre of the action in a car chase scene, and crystal-clear audio will leave you hanging on every word of your favourite actress or actor. Luxurious seating designed for maximum binge-watching only adds to the experience. 

Keep scrolling below to learn more about the three home theatre design components you need to consider when incorporating a luxury entertainment space into your Melbourne home. 

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This aspect of home theatre design can make or break the home entertainment experience. Muffled dialogue, tinny sound, or distortion can leave you scratching your head, wondering what you just heard, or reaching for the remote to replay the scene and turn up the volume. Expertly installed surround sound systems featuring Dolby Atmos place you amidst battle scenes or rainy, romantic scenes.  

With the press of a button on a Control4 Neeo remote, you can Initiate the “Movie Night” scene to dim the automated lighting, close motorised blinds, and cue up your entire AV setup to your favourite streaming app or Blu-ray player. 


There are several options for video displays when designing a home cinema. First, our technology experts will take the size and shape of your space into consideration. For shallower rooms, an ultra-short-throw projector is perfect because it doesn’t require much distance between the projector and the projection screen 

You could also opt for a large flat-panel screen. For deeper rooms, a hideaway projector that lowers with the tap of a button and a rollaway projection screen are an excellent combinationUltra-high-definition 4K or upscaling 8K technology ensures you have the crispest image for riveting movie and TV show scenes. 


Whether you’re determined to embark upon 50+ hours of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie marathon or merely watching the latest episode of your favourite series on Netflix, the seating in your home theatre should be designed for the ultimate experience in comfort! Plush, luxury fabrics are designed to dampen sound reflections while also reducing unnecessary glare from nearby windows, the projector, or the screen. Fabric stylings should also complement your Melbourne home, serving as an eye-catching conversation piece or blending seamlessly with the rest of your décor. 

Loungers, recliners, bean bags, and bench-style seating are all options for the perfect home theatre design. When selecting the best fit for your space, consider your family’s needs. Do the children like to lounge on the floor, or would you prefer comfortable recliners? Why not have both options!  

To experience a live demonstration of what it would be like to have a personalised home theatre, schedule a visit to our Home & Lifestyle Experience Centre today. We can’t wait to design the perfect movie and TV experience for your home!