Superior Home Automation with Philips Dynalite Home Automation

If you want a luxury lighting control system for your new home, you need Dynalite home automation. With a simple, user-friendly Dynalite antumbra light switches, all kinds of home operations can be automated, including lighting, heating, ventilation, security, air conditioning, home theatre, audio, blinds and curtains. But ambience is really all about the Dynalite lighting control switch solution. Now you can remotely turn on the lights before arriving home, or have your Dynalite lighting control system turn your lights on or off to a time schedule.

At GreenStar Technologies, we offer installation of high-quality Dynalite systems for home automation in your building. We can install Philips Dynalite switches including all wiring, setting up physical hardware with software interfaces. You won’t have to worry about a thing with our easy fuss-free installations that take care of all aspects of your new system, including a Dynalite dimmer for the best lighting control options.

The Benefits of Dynalite Home Automation

    • Energy savings − Enjoy energy savings by having your equipment turn itself off when it’s not needed. Save energy by using zoned heating and closing curtains and blinds to prevent warm air escaping.
    • Reduce costs − In your Dynalite home automation system, you can use energy-efficient lighting and can reduce utility costs by only using heating and cooling in areas that are being used.
    • Control the ambience − Create a luxurious ambience in your home with Dynalite lighting control. Not only can you turn lights on and off, but you can also create different moods with dimmed lighting for a variety of purposes in your home.

Choose GreenStar Technologies for Philips Dynalite Australia Installation

GreenStar Technologies is proud to offer the very best in home automation systems, including Philips Dynalite Australia products. We can quickly and easily install your Dynalite home automation system, hooking up all wiring, hardware and software, including testing procedures to makes sure it’s all working. For an efficient installation, call our team today on 1300 887 397.