Thank you to valued clients and partners for their on-going support. Our team at GreenStar Technologies are proud and honoured to be recognised as one of the leaders in the home automation industry. We’re overwhelmed with gratitude to have been selected to receive lifetime Awards & Achievements from Control4.

🏆 Control4 Pinnacle Award 2022

🏆 Control4 Circle Of Excellence Award 2022

🏆 Control4 Top Volume Diamond Dealer Award 2022

As a team, we’ll continue to deliver exceptional technology solutions and services like no other. Thank you again for trusting us to take your smart home journey!


GreenStar Technologies has been Victoria’s Largest Certified Control 4 Dealer for more than 4 years. Our Technology Consultants have designed and installed thousands of bespoke smart home systems for over 20+ years. 

Our Pinnacle status distinguishes our team as integrators who are deeply committed, experienced and consistent in delivering superior connected homes. Pinnacle dealers are especially committed to best-in-class connected home solutions and generally have a reputation for providing stellar customer satisfaction, year after year. 

“These dealers represent the best of the best when it comes to Control4 smart home solutions” – Bryce Judd, Control4 Senior Vice President

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Control4 solutions are currently distributed in 18 countries and installed in 500,000 homes around the world. Control4 has been introduced to Australian homes for almost 15 years and is now considered to be one of the leading smart home brands on the market. Control4 is the platform for today’s digital home and is the first company to make whole-home automation a practical option for home. Control4 makes everyday life easier by providing one-touch control of both new and existing smart electronic systems in the home. Control4 provides effortless entertainment, comfort, convenience and peace of mind to homeowners everywhere and anywhere in the world.

At GreenStar Technologies we deliver both wired and wireless Control 4 solutions that can be installed in existing and newly built homes, as well as in homes under construction. Our business module is primarily based on Control 4 solutions, as a Control4 Certified Diamond & Pinnacle Dealer we have a direct and localised relationship with Control4 – which means that we’re able to service and provide skills and knowledge to design a bespoke Control4 system like no other company in the market.

Being awarded the Control 4 Diamond Dealer Status (for the last 5 years) and the ONLY Pinnacle Dealer Status in Victoria, simply means we have sold more Control 4 products and solutions than any other company in Melbourne. Based in Glen Huntly Melbourne, we’re a one stop shop solution for the automated home that has fully functional and interactive 200Msq Certified Control 4 Showroom, which is the largest in Melbourne – available for demo and viewing by appointment only.

Our CEO Marc Fulker who’s also an Electrician for almost 30 years wanted to bridge the gap in the technology industry as the smart home industry expands and grows. With the rise in popularity of smart home automation technology, new products appear on the market constantly. We understand it can be hard to work out the best solution for your home – so trust us to take the smart home journey with you.

The GreenStar Technologies Difference – Our team are always here for you and offering you more with our AfterCare Support. We make sure you receive the best care and support around the clock. For more information, contact our team today to discuss which options are best tailored to your needs. (03) 9813 8657


You won’t be able to walk into a shop and walk out with a load of Control4 products. You’ll need to visit an authorised dealer like us and we’ll meticulously design a bespoke system that is built exclusively for you. 

Control4’s award-wining solutions are renowned in the home automation industry. There’s a reason that people with high-end homes and hotels turn to Control4 – you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth, with industry leading devices and a pretty much unrivalled support service through certified dealers like us!


Control4 products is anything but plug in a play! Locate an authorised Control4 Dealer and visit their official Certified Showroom.

Control 4 recommends getting a few quotes from different dealers before deciding on which system to install, but a good place to start is to book a FREE consultation at GreenStar Technologies Home & Lifestyle Experience Centre. GreenStar’s Technology Designers will work with you and your contractors to design and transform the way you think and use smart technology in your home. Our Technology Designers will provide advice, insight, and creative solutions for homeowners, electricians, builders, architects, landscapers, renovators and businesses.

Our team of Designers, Engineers, Electricians and Project Managers have over 20+ years of experience in this industry. We personalise indoor and outdoor living environments through integration of all the services clients rely upon and according to their lifestyle with total simplicity – all beautifully incorporated into the interior and exterior design.

We take pride in our world-class care of every client and thrive on our award-winning technology, referrals and strong recommendations.

It all begins with just a conversation… so get in touch today! (03) 9813 8657



  • 2017 Control4 In Recognition Of Top Performance
  • 2017 Control4 Circle Of Excellence Award
  • 2017 Control4 Diamond Dealer Status Award
  • 2018 Control4 Circle Of Excellence Award
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  • 2018 Control4 Diamond Dealer Status Award
  • 2019 Control4 In Recognition Of Top Performance
  • 2019 Control4 Diamond Dealer Status Award
  • 2020 Control4 In Recognition Of Top Performance
  • 2020 Control4 Pinnacle Award - Victoria’s #1 Dealer
  • 2020 Control4 Diamond Dealer Status Award
  • 2021 Control4 Pinnacle Award - Victoria’s #1 Dealer
  • 2021 Control4 Diamond Dealer Status Award
  • 2022 Control4 Pinnacle Award - Victoria’s #1 Dealer
  • 2022 Control4 Diamond Dealer Status Award
  • Control4 Certified Showroom
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GreenStar Technologies is Victoria’s largest Control4 Certified Dealer – As the only Pinnacle dealer in Victoria, we are especially committed to best-in-class connected homes and have a reputation for providing stellar Award-Winning technology. We offer advice, provide insight and present creative solutions that is designed exclusively for you and your dream smart home – you’re more than welcome to bring your Architects & Contractors to workshop ideas.

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