Circadian Lighting For The Smart Home

The human body is very sensitive to the changes in light we experience naturally through the day and night. We often notice how light changes our mood. Warm glowing light is relaxing where strong daylight makes us more energized. Or sleep is optimized in the evening from a graduation of low, ‘warm toned’ light into darkness.

In commercial buildings with no windows, circadian lighting is utilized to mimic daylight in a natural rhythm of the day. The bodies’ natural biorhythms and chemistry benefit from this curated lighting as a natural point of reference where no windows are available.

For the contemporary home, circadian lighting technology is being adapted with flexibility for tasking, relaxing, and curating spaces for the activity.

For bedrooms, robes and ensuites, soft, warm light helps you get to sleep more easily leading up to bedtime. When entering walk-in robes or ensuites late at night, automatic sensor-activated lighting to candlelight intensity helps you find your way while making it easy to get back to sleep compared to traditionally turning on lights at full intensity having risen in the middle of night with standard lighting.

For tasking at night in ensuites and robes, with the touch of a button you change effortlessly to brilliant daylight-mimicking light for applying make-up with precision or picking colours and tones for your best matching outfit. So smart lighting gives you adaptation for the task in the moment.

When working from home, adapt the room for energizing light for that early conference call or soft warm light before retiring to bed.

Often, we like living spaces warm and inviting. Having the flexibility to change to ‘cool white’ light for tasking can be great in the kitchen momentarily. You can see more clearly the cooking process for preparation of food or cleaning the benches. But when having a wine around the island bench, or watching TV in the adjacent space, you effortlessly adapt the open plan area with the press of a button to a cozy, warm and relaxing candlelight room experience. With that, a better night’s sleep awaits.

Many luxury homes have basement areas. TV rooms, gyms, staircases and walkways, or habitable wine rooms. In these environments tunable light can allow you to drive into the basement but experience automatic daylight-quality light mimicking the conditions outside. And then that same naturally curated light connects into the surrounding spaces through the entire basement floor making it feel more integrated with the upper floors having windows. The basement is welcoming and feels more natural during the day.

In basement TV and recreation rooms or cellars, your smart lighting adapts the environment to help you feel energized and present during the day, instead of tired and sleepy. But for evenings, you enjoy comfortable warm relaxing light, simply controlled through your smart lighting system transitioning the home for relaxing.

Modern life can make us think differently about light and the benefits of effortlessly controlled, tunable light. There are better ways to utilize and experience light than just illuminating square meters of carpet. Where the appeal of tunable or circadian lighting fits your desires, it all starts with smart lighting control and a considered lighting design to gain the benefits of a responsive home to your lifestyle while supporting a sense of wellness.