Ever wanted to make your home a smart home? Come check out the latest in smart home tech and learn about exclusive #C4Yourself offers with GreenStar Technologies.

In the month of August – September 2021, purchase $4750 + GST on any Control4 product in your project with us and you’ll be eligible to receive a FREE Control 4 Neeo Smart Remote or Smart Chime Doorbell, valued at $1,000 RRP. T&C’s apply, get in touch with our smart home technology experts for more information.

Control4 Neeo Universal Smart Remote:
Whole home control in the palm on your hands!

Smart home automation remotes can control your entire home. Turn on/off individual lights, activate lighting scenes, even lock the doors – right from the comfort of your couch. Access any television from any room or queen up your favourite streaming music service to begin playing throughout your Melbourne home. Switch between Apple TV, Netflix, YouTube, ESPN, CNN, HBO, FOX, Blue-ray, satellite or even PS4 and XBOX gaming consoles effortlessly.

  • Control hideaway devices
  • Controls your centralised and shared multi-room video content
  • Automates the start-up, switching and shutdown of devices for selected commands 
  • Control music & audio – favourite playlists, radio stations and browse artists from your personalised streaming music library
  • Control lighting ambience and blinds
  • Control heating & cooling systems
  • Live preview of your security providers camera recorder

Control4 Intelligent Smart Chime Doorbell:
Smart doorbell built for your smart home, answer from anywhere, control from everywhere.

Keep your home and business safe and secure with Control4 smart doorbell. Enhance your home and business security with the power to control from your smart phone device. With motion detection you’ll be instantly notified if a package has been delivered or if someone is at your front door.

  • Motion detection notification
  • Video snapshots and history access
  • Five adjustable motion zones
  • Control4 smart home automation works with chime to advance automation
  • Trigger smart lighting scenes
  • Two-way audio and high-definition video quality
  • 180 degree night mode
  • Unlock doors to receive packages or let in guests


Control4 Contemporary Lighting is coming soon! Redesigned, this beautiful and reliable new lighting offers a more modern look and feel. Book a FREE consultation at our Melbourne Home Automation Showroom, to get a sneak peek of the upcoming lighting line and maybe even find new inspiration for your dream smart home.

Control4’s new Contemporary Lighting elegant backlit provides at-a-glance feedback to show if a door is unlocked, the garage door is ajar, or if lights are on in other areas of the house. Premium buttons simplify interaction, and with the choice of ten exclusive finishes, there are plenty of options that will beautifully complement any style and décor.
Control4’s Smart Lighting goes far beyond beautiful switches and dimmable bulbs. Never come home to a dark house again and make your home look lived In – even when you are away – with lights that automatically turn on and off when they should. It provides energy efficiency, added safety and security, and the ability to control several smart products in your home at once with just the touch of a button.
Activate your “scenes” with a simple tap:
1. Start the music!  
A quick double-tap on the keypad can start the music playing all over your house! 
2. Choose different playlists
Our GreenStar Technologies expert can program your music just the way you like it, different moods call for different music. You’ll be able to switch between playlists with a colored light indicating what you’ve selected. 
3. Calls uninterrupted 
Working from home these days? Simply tap a button that pauses the TV or music in your home office when a call comes in. It sure beats fumbling with any other device when you only have moments to catch that call! 
4. Garage door status check
Never again leave bed to check if you’ve closed the garage. A light on your keypad can illuminate green when the garage is closed and red when it’s ajar. At a glance, you’ll know the door’s status—and you can even close it with a simple button tap. 
5. Engage vacation mode
There’s a lot to remember when leaving for vacation, so let your “Vacation” button do the work. It can set the temperature appropriately, arm the alarm, and turn off all the lights as you walk out the door. When you return home, double tap the same button to return the home to normal operation.  
6. Change volume and channel
Easily adjust your audio system’s volume or channel with a touch of a button!
7. Adjust the temperature 
Custom label a couple of buttons on a keypad and your guests and family can easily adjust the heating and cooling temperature to the perfect setting with ease.
8. Start a timer
Easily set pre-determined timers of 1, 5, or 10 minutes based on button presses with changing LED lights indicating the length.  
9. Goodnight mode
With a single button, you can instantly turn off all the lights, lock all the doors, shut off all TVs and music, set the alarm, lower window shades, adjust the air conditioning heating and cooling.


  • The perfect lighting, temperature, and music welcomes you when you get home.
  • Shades and temperature levels adapt to the time of day or specific schedules.
  • Mood lighting, music, and video create the ultimate party scene.
  • Cameras, garage doors, thermostats, lights, locks, and more can be managed and controlled remotely. 
  • One button locks the doors, arms the alarm, and turns off all TVs and lights at bedtime.
  • Your whole home is controlled and personalised from one easy-to-use application.


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If you’re interested in Control4’s upcoming Contemporary Lighting, be sure to visit our Control4 Certified Melbourne Showroom today to #C4Yourself—now through September!