Builders / Developers

Partner with us to deliver functional homes and apartments. With our experience in what the market is doing its time to get onboard the Home Automation Wave. At Greenstar Technologies we are professionals in this Technology space and understand what is involved to Design, Colaborate, Document and Deliver bespoke homes, so align yourself with a company thats a leader in there field.

Whether you’re thinking about home entertainment or any number of variations on the home-automation theme, the first step is to arm yourself with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision. The possibilities are exciting and run the gamut from a whole-house music system to a full-blown smart home you can monitor and control from any mobile device and anywhere in the world.

We can show you our Multi Development Unit Intercom solution incorporating a single apartment touch screen to answer the intercom call as well as control lighting and music in the apartment. With apartments reaching saturation point its time to get ahead of the competition, do something different, be a standout in this market to deliver better functional dwellings.

Come and see us at our Interactive experience centre in Malvern, were we can show you how things work. The internet is full of options and its very confusing, people have spent 100 hours researching what to do. They come and see us and they understand the system and how it works. At Greenstar Technologies we have been in this market for 15 years and have a wealth of knowledge.