Builders / Developers

As building services are becoming more sophisticated and require more integration, many builders are finding advising their clients and delivering technical solutions becoming harder and more time consuming.

Most builders and their electricians don’t have the resources to provide in-house expertise for advising the client from selection to design and installation or managing commissioning and handover. That’s where we can help. With hundreds of smart home projects completed, we bring the experience that will assist you solve the specific needs clients are looking for.

What we offer is one company that can take the journey with you and your clients from development of a client brief to selection, design and full implementation. Our unique Home Automation Experience Centre particularly helps you and your clients in the discovery, selection and design stage. In one space clients can see working solutions and workshop ideas over their plans that will solve everyday living in all areas of:

  • Security
  • CCTV
  • Keyless entry
  • Intercom Anywhere
  • Lighting Control
  • Motorised blind, window and skylight control
  • Entertainment Room integration
  • Multiroom Audio
  • Multiroom Video
  • Pool and Spa control
  • Heating and Cooling control
  • Data and whole home Wi-Fi
  • Home Automation
  • Control simplicity

Through the design stage we can identify specific joinery, electrical and construction requirements that will allow early and detailed planning and work with your designers and other trades such as Electrical, Joinery, HVACV, Pool, Irrigation and Motorized Blind providers to allow holistic integrated solutions across the project.

With the support of our project team on site and our detailed documentation, we will identify early any problems and limitations, provide design solutions, ensure smooth running of the project and allow the project to be tracked from rough-in to fit-off. Every project is unique. We fill the role you need within your team to provide the personalisation and integration of services your clients are looking for, neatly fitted into the interior design.

Most homes need some level of services. Home Automation and the ‘Smart Home’ are no longer just for the few. Manufacturers are continually innovating to make buildings smarter and more simple-to -manage. Home owners are being exposed to these services all the time. Let us help you support your clients to select, plan and design early to streamline your construction saving you time and worry.