Clipsal by Schneider Electric offers a variety of smart home control, which includes C-Bus, Wall Switches and Touchscreens. User friendly and superb functionality, with stylish, well-designed touch controls in a choice of on-trend architectural finishes. From sleek pure glass to elegant touch screens, there are a range of options to give you the best of both worlds; remote access and control through a smart device and the luxury of a manual switch when and where you need it.

Clipsal Cbus hasbeen the product of choice in the Australian market since 2001, mainly because it was owned by Clipsal the iconic electrical brand in Australia. Clipsal C-bus started the era of lighting control systems in Melbourne, Australia. Larger homes built in the late 90’s and 2000 had this system. The product is a very robust system used in large commercial projects to light hospitals and universities throughout Australia.

The main purpose of C-bus is to have a central location to control the whole homes lighting and blinds. This was generally done through a centralised touch screen. Through the toolkit software the programmers were able to program any switch to turn on any light or scene. Scenes in Lighting control is the ability to be able to create a feel to a home, turning on lights at different levels to create lovely mood lighting throughout a home.

Generally, C-bus was a part of an Integrated home automation system incorporating security and lighting. Some after market products like E-life, Multimedia dynamics, Home Touch Systems, and Clipsal Homegate all ran on a shuttle windows based PC. Other solutions like Push Controls and Leviton also gave the home owner a touch screen controls generally in the early 2000’s.

We are able to use the base infrastructure of C-bus lighting and overlay it with a newer control system like Control 4 or Crestron Home. To find out how your existing C-bus system can be incorporated into an App controlled solution get in touch with us.


  • It is a highly reliable and robust control system with a low cost per node, making it energy efficient.
  • Clipsal C-Bus Home Automation systems can help save homeowners money in the long run. Setting up the system effectively will eliminate lights being left on at times that your home is not occupied.
  • Wide range of tools available to allow 3rd party companies to integrate. Clients can gain control over multiple devices and integrate with 3rd party systems to achieve a truly customised solution.
  • Added level of comfort, convenience, security and energy efficiency in your home with a Clipsal C-Bus Solution
  • The C-Busy system is highly capable of adapting to client requirements; for example, by integrating dimming capabilities, your home automation system can automatically adjust the light to positively reflect the natural light in an area. This means you’re creating the ideal environment for your eyes, as they won’t have to constantly adjust to shifting ambient light.
  • A single C-Bus cable connection can control an infinite number of devices. This provides you with the added assurance that if you decide to add/upgrade devices to your system you won’t have to start again
  • C-Bus has enhanced switching and control flexibility – functions can be changed, added, moved, removed, and reprogrammed at any point on the network, at any time – without the need for time-consuming hardwiring. As a result, you always have complete control over your system and can modify it to suit your lifestyle or any changes to your usual routine. For example, if you are planning an intimate dinner, you can adjust the dimmer setting to create the desired gentle ambience; alternatively, if you are having a party, you may want areas of your house well lit.


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