Basalte Switches

Basalte Switches – The High-Calibre Heavyweight of Home Automation

Basalte switches are the perfect accompaniment to any interior design and smart home. There is nothing on the market that delivers the visual appeal and decor range to complement architecturally designed custom homes.

As the perfect accompaniment to intelligent lighting and home automaton control systems such as Control4, Basalte switches give you an amazing decor palate for open plan living, custom kitchens, bathrooms, formal rooms and room-to-room interior design.

You have the beauty of European styling and soft touch lighting dimming and control. To simplify your wall furniture, you can incorporate blind control, lighting and bathroom exhaust fans into one elegant room switch. Baslte switches offer the simplicity of control and room adaption comfort you can expect. Even whole home control such as one-touch entertainment scenes for large open plans or perhaps a ‘goodnight scene’ from beside your bed that effortlessly turns off your entire home lighting once you have retired to bed. Every button function can be personalised to provide for effortless and intuitive control of your room or multi area space.

Basalte - Sentido soft copperYou can also expect the amazing simplicity home automation integration delivers for automatic ‘welcome home’ lighting when you arrive home at night in the dark providing a lit path into your garage, halls and stairs. Even smart sensors working in unison with Basalte switches to provide perhaps late-night automatic dimming for a cosy pathway to your ensuite, walk-in robes or bedroom hallways. You have all the personalisation and simplicity you can imagine that delivers greater comfort and decor splendour.

When integrated with the world’s favourite whole home automaton solution, Control4, you get all the benefits of simple touch screen switch control so you can centrally manage your entire home lighting from a Kitchen touchscreen or smartphone. Greenstar Technologies provide home owners, architects and interior designers the widest range in Basalte switches and smart home switch decor in Australia. Discover our selection among our range of modern switches for the home.

Why Home Automation?

If you’ve ever forgotten to turn off an entire un-occupied level of the home as you leave for work, if want better lighting comfort over a large home that will be hard to manage, if you simply want one remote for the whole room or the home pre-cooled on a hot day on the way home from the office, then you’ll know just how convenient it would be to have home automation in your home. Home automation not only streamlines the basic tasks around your home automatically and more intuitively, they help you minimise the cost burden of your energy, provide peace of mind and deliver a more enjoyable living environment.

Your heating and cooling is your biggest energy consumer. When integrated with a home automation system by a single temperature sensitive switch interface, home automation can give you more control for long term saving. Talk to us to find out how!

Why Basalte Switches?

VIA_04_satin white_SFSynonymous with style, class and minimalist elegance, when it comes to unique light switches that complement existing decor while making an understated statement on their own, you can’t go past the style of Basalte. We offer a number of styles in the Basalte range, including the Sentido 2 and 4 panel touch light switch, enabling you to configure the panels according to your specific needs. Do you want to just control the lights and aircon? A two panel touch light switch may well meet your needs. If you want to control your blinds, room and reading lights, then a 4 panel home touch lighting control system will do the trick. Available in a wide range of colours and patterns, the Sentido is an intuitive system that takes convenience in the home to the next level. The Enzo collection offers similar features and functions but comes with a stylish, retro Italian design, with a rounded border made of aluminium and an internal component made of leather or glass.

Discover the Ultimate in Convenience for Yourself

If you’re building, renovation or looking for more styling choice, simplicity and greater ambience, there’s no better time than now to get in touch with GreenStar Technologies and enquire about installing modern touch light switches and other home automation experiences in your home. Give us a call today on 1300 887 397.