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GreenStar Technologies provide fully-integrated, competitively-priced automation packages that stand out from the rest.

With complete control from your existing iPad, iPhone or computer devices, it’s never been easy to increase the functionality, convenience and comfort of your home.

With Greenstar Technologies, with one device you can control your whole home.

Based in Melbourne, ask us how you can achieve the room-to-room and outdoor living experiences most important to you with absolute simplicity.

  • iPad-Portability


  • iPad-Portability


  • iPad-Portability


St Kilda

CCTV St Kilda

Keep an eye on your property even when you’re away from home thanks to the innovative systems and solutions on offer from GreenStar Technologies. Able to offer up-to-date real-time imagery from their field of vision our CCTV cameras help St Kilda residents improve the security of their properties, as well as enhancing their monitoring capabilities.

Utilising the latest advances in domestic and commercial security technology our CCTV cameras can act as an active deterrent against damage and theft through presence alone. Personalised to suit the particular design and layout of the property or structure, our CCTV installation provides St Kilda locals with assurance that their living or working environment is always under the watchful eyes of our cutting-edge cameras.

Home Automation St Kilda

At GreenStar Technologies we want to make living a more enjoyable and hassle-free experience. Our detailed home automation installations change St Kilda domestic environments for the better, making the control of lighting, entertainment, and security systems easy and intuitive. From either wall-mounted panels or tablet devices you can alter the levels of sound, lighting, and temperature at the touch of a button. To find out more about our focused approach to home automation call us on 1300 235 024.

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