GreenStar Technologies provide fully-integrated, competitively-priced automation packages that stand out from the rest.

With complete control from your existing iPad, iPhone or computer devices, it’s never been easy to increase the functionality, convenience and comfort of your home.

Home Automation

Making Your Life Easier And More Enjoyable

Assisted Living

Enabling Individuals To Stay In Their Own Homes For Longer.

Commercial CCTV

Access the worlds music and radio you love in any part of the home and outdoor living spaces with ease.

With Greenstar Technologies, with one device you can control your whole home.

Based in Melbourne, ask us how you can achieve the room-to-room and outdoor living experiences most important to you with absolute simplicity.

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Since opening our doors 10 years ago the tech specialists at GreenStar have upgraded and transformed the quality of living and working environments thanks to our cutting-edge and innovative products and solutions. able to allow you to keep an eye on sensitive or obscured regions of your home or office our CCTV cameras can help prevent theft, intrusion, and damage from occurring.

Installed at strategic points inside and outside of your property, our CCTV camera installations give Kew locals lasting peace of mind. Even when in an inactive state, CCTV cameras can act as an effective deterrent to would-be thieves and intruders.

When you choose the team at GreenStar, you will gain from our untold hours of industry knowledge and experience, ensuring that your CCTV cameras will deliver the best field-of-vision for your needs and requirements. Call us today on 1300 887 397 to learn more about how we can improve the safety and security of your living or working space.