GreenStar Technologies provide fully-integrated, competitively-priced automation packages that stand out from the rest.

With complete control from your existing iPad, iPhone or computer devices, it’s never been easy to increase the functionality, convenience and comfort of your home.

Home Automation

Making Your Life Easier And More Enjoyable

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Enabling Individuals To Stay In Their Own Homes For Longer.

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Access the worlds music and radio you love in any part of the home and outdoor living spaces with ease.

With Greenstar Technologies, with one device you can control your whole home.

Based in Melbourne, ask us how you can achieve the room-to-room and outdoor living experiences most important to you with absolute simplicity.

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Home Automation Camberwell

Supplying smart home systems that Camberwell and surrounding households can depend on for exceptional quality, GreenStar Technologies provides a comprehensive range of integrated packages for effortless home automation. Camberwell residents need only call us on 1300 887 397 to book a consult with one of our installation experts.

Smart Home Systems Camberwell

Our Entertainment and Audio packages will make your home the absolute lap of luxury. Whether you want to play music throughout your whole home, control your television from another room or access your media library remotely from a tablet device, our smart automation systems give Camberwell home-owners the leading experience in leisure.

For added whole-home functionality, we also offer Lighting and Blinds packages. Using your PC, smartphone or tablet device, control any lights or automated blinds in your home. Schedule lights to go on or off at certain times, blinds to open at set hours – control is at your fingertips.

With additional Security and CCTV Packages available, you can enjoy your wireless smart home with absolute peace of mind. Experts in fully-integrated, cutting-edge house automation, Camberwell residents can call on GreenStar Technologies’ specialist services today, at 1300 887 397.

CCTV Camberwell

Keep an eye on your property at all times and deter would-be thieves from trespassing with the security products proudly offered by the team at Green Star Technologies. Installed at strategic locations of your property our CCTV cameras allow you to view the goings-on in and outside your home or business.

Offering unparalleled vision of sensitive and high-traffic areas, our CCTV cameras give Camberwell domestic and commercial customers peace of mind and assurance in the security of their property. To learn more about the benefits of our competitively-priced CCTV cameras, Camberwell residents and beyond can speak to one of our home security professionals today.

Home Control Systems Camberwell

Upgrade the quality and responsiveness of your home today thanks to GreenStar. Committed to improving the quality of life for Melbournians throughout the city our team can install personalised home control systems in Camberwell, Brighton, Williamstown, and other homes throughout the metro area. Whether you are wanting to control the lighting level, sound, or entertainment in your home you can trust our detailed, competitively-priced, and reliable control systems to give you a better level of control. To make an appointment with our technical experts and specialists to discuss our personalised home control systems Camberwell residents are encouraged to call us directly on 1300 887 397.