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Discover a showcase of the most popular contemporary smart home features that when fully personalised will enhance your living experience and simplify your life – All beautifully integrated into your interior and architectural design.

Also learn the important steps that will help you incorporate the best home automation design into your new build or renovation.


Enjoy More Adaptable Living Environments

Enjoy more responsive, personalised and transcendent living with a home automation system from GreenStar Technologies. We can create a seamless and intuitive home automation network that brings together all your favourite home lifestyle systems.

With homes having more and more lifestyle technologies than ever before, a home automation hub can simplify your life, make your home more liveable and help to save a lot of time. The best home automation solutions can easily handle everything from security cameras and intercoms through to TV rooms, Wi-Fi, music streaming, lighting, motorised blinds, heating and cooling, and pool and spa controls. If you’re building or renovating your home, consolidating your lifestyle technologies and integrating them to work seamlessly together will make life so much easier and enjoyable. With good advice and planning, you too can enjoy the benefits of a home automation system that transforms living in the home.


You can have personalisation of your comfort in any room

Motorised openable windows allow you to control the environment by opening when the temperture in the room increases, allowing fresh air into the room, scheduling open and close times.

Sky lights and blinds enable you to control these practical everyday practical solutions.

Ceiling fans can also be controlled through a local switch, scheduled on or off and be controlled through a whole home solution.

CoolMasterNet supports all of the existing brands of VRF / VRF such as Daikin, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Fujitsu, LG, Hitachi, Gree and many others.with one hardware platform.

motorised smart blinds

How automated blinds can benefit your home

With innovative control of motorised blinds from GreenStar Technologies, you no longer have to worry about losing wireless remotes and being unable to operate your blinds. We can provide a range of simple solutions for motorised blinds, curtains and external shades, making large rooms and extensive home installations easier to manage.

Many homes have large expanses of windows in open plan areas, requiring multiple blind motors to be controlled. Standalone blind control solutions typically use wireless remotes that can be easily lost, or require non-matching wall controls that create unsightly ‘wall acne’. With innovative control of smart blinds by a smart home system, you can say goodbye to remotes and ugly wall switches. Options include consolidating your room lighting control and smart home window blinds into one switch as you enter a room. We can even enable control of your bedroom blinds from your reading light switch!

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automate temperature control

Smarter, more convenient heating and cooling control.

Manage your home more effortlessly with greater choice in heating and cooling control. Enjoy more intuitive control locally or centrally manage all your rooms with touchscreen, smartphone and TV menu control. Even remotely activate your heating and cooling before you get home.

The problem with just stand-alone heating and cooling control is that it’s often fixed to he rooms where you may not spend a lot of time. You can easily lose track of what’s running, and in a large home, it becomes even more of a challenge to manage your overall heating and cooling. Heating and cooling is usually your biggest energy cost,

so you want to be sure you’re getting the most value and best efficiency.

New innovations in smart home controls now allow you to distribute your control with a smart home automation thermostat integration solution. For example, a touchscreen in the kitchen can provide you with full control of all of your zones, or your wireless entertainment system control or special on-screen TV display can control heating and cooling devices and even turn off unused rooms. You can even control your heating and cooling from your smartphone, so when you arrive the house is already nice and cool on a hot summer’s day. How does that sound?

With integration of all the larger brands of VR Air Conditioning systems its easy to incorporated your AC into your home automation system. The benefit of this are the control system can them be scheduled to turn on with temperature settings within the home. Close blinds automatically to safe on your heating and cooling costs.

CoolMasterNet supports all of the existing brands of VRF / VRF such as Daikin, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Fujitsu, LG, Hitachi, Gree and many others.with one hardware platform.

  • Better Comfort
  • More Convenient
  • Entire Home
intelligent lighting

Create better comfort and ambience

Looking to create better comfort and ambience in your home? GreenStar Technologies offers fully adaptable home lighting automation solutions that let you take control of rooms and enjoy the full convenience of whole home management. Whether you want to create mood lighting or easily turn off all the lights when you go out, we can provide a solution that meets your needs

Lighting is being used more and more often to complement architectural and interior design ideas in home design. Good lighting design gives you a transformed appreciation of colour, texture, proportion and space. It can also change the way you feel in that space, as humans are very receptive to changes in light.

Smart home lighting lets you set the feel and tone of any space for different times of the day, with one-touch scenes and individual circuit control when you need it. An open plan kitchen-living area may have one-touch scenes for arriving home, dining, TV watching and entertaining. Sensors may automatically activate dimming late at night when entering ensuites or hallways, responding to you more organically, or your outdoor pool terrace may have vibrant lighting before dinner and then more subdued lighting for drinks or a late night dip. Colour adjustable lighting can also provide highlights to vegetation, wall features and surfaces for beautiful and subtle transitions.

The following terms are used in most lighting control systems and all have there features and benefits when controlling LED lights, strip and feature pendant Lights.

Each lighting control type requires additional wiring at each light fitting, that why its important to plan your lighting system early, getting advice from a service provider that understands all the systems and what is required.

  • Dali Broadcast
  • Dali Addressable
  • 0-10V
  • DMX
  • Phase Dimming