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Home Care Automation

Arguably the greatest benefit of home automation systems is their ability to improve the quality of life for the elderly and those living with moderate and severe disabilities.

GreenStar’s home automation systems enable individuals to stay in their own homes for longer. While this eases the economic burden of having to relocate to costly health care facilities, it also enhances the sense of independence, dignity, comfort, security, and overall well being for the affected individuals.

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Home Automation for Assisted Living

For family members, our assisted living technology provides priceless peace of mind. For instance, individuals can check up on their loved ones by remotely checking live camera feeds on their phone, tablet or laptop. Or if a loved one forgets to lock up after leaving the house, or when retiring for the evening, you can easily keep them and their home safe with the push of a button. Most importantly, if your parent or disabled family member suffers a fall or emergency, an alert can be immediately sent out to yourself, personal carers and/or emergency services.

Depending on the severity of you or your loved one’s condition, GreenStar will tailor a solution which will improve quality of life whilst minimising disruption or hassles. A wide variety of services are available.

With automated lighting, blinds, temperature control and home entertainment, you can change multiple settings instantly with push of a button. You might, for example, activate a morning-mode, which raises blinds, turns on lights in the kitchen and heats the bathroom. If you’re an avid garden, you can even activate an irrigation system which will water your plants in the evening.

For individuals with restricted movement, the ability to see who’s at the door via a camera feed and let them in remotely can be a genuine lifesaver. GreenStar also employs cutting-edge voice recognition software for those individuals who have lost the use of their limbs but want to maintain as much independence as possible.

If your loved one suffers from Alzheimer’s disease or a similar condition, alarms can be scheduled and announced via their smartphone or an intercom system, to remind them of appointments, to take vital medication, and much more.

Nursing Home Assisted Living

The ability of motion sensors to detect a fall and relay this information to families and carers, or the potential for voice recognition technology to detect a cry for help, also greatly reduces the chance of serious peril.
Personal devices, such as those which monitor heart rate, can automatically send information to carers to keep them constantly informed of an individual’s state.

These are just some of the amazing and life-change assisted living technologies which GreenStar specialise in.


Keeping Costs Down

Not only can such assisted living technologies prevent an individual from having to relocate to an expensive external care facility, they also make effective use of personal carers, by keeping them informed remotely and potentially reducing contact time between carers and their patients.

Smart Home for Elderly

With organisations such as The Summer Foundation pushing for the inclusion of disability-friendly technology in new housing projects, assisted living technology is becoming more common, and for good reason.

Such technology not only provides a better standard of living for the elderly, it also reduces the number of younger people living with severe disabilities from having to relocate to nursing homes, which are traditionally designed for the elderly.

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